Gardevoir Training.

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Here it is guys. finally done!
hope you guys enjoy it!

ya can vote on my next project on my patreon.

music used - http://peritune.com/blog/2016/01/17/investigation2/

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espectacular le queda corto a esta animacion, un trabajo inpecable!

CumminHam responds:

Gracias me alegro de que lo disfrutes!

I havee admit the animation is quite nice

Didn't know sanford has pokemon, Wonder if deimos has too?.

This one is very impressive . I loved how wild Kirlia suddenly joined in . Then at the end was forced .

I like the concept and your character models are pretty fantastic, but as someone who tries to focus on lighting and editing there's plenty of things here that really took me out of it. I apologize for how dorky some of these points might be (how could it not be when my review of a porn animation is about lighting) or how mean they might sound, it's a bit of a bad habit but when it comes to NSFW all in this together so I rarely mean anything aggressive or malicious. :p

From what I understand all of your animations are made in blender, but going in sight-unseen my initial impressions were that you did this in Unreal engine 4 and recorded the thing in real-time. Considering what blender is capable of, that's not the type of impression you want to make.

So how do I get to that conclusion? I think that part of that is because your environment lighting looks incredibly dim and diffused for a clear daytime scene (which would be pretty bright and have pretty sharp shadows, owing to little cloud coverage) and I guess you've used some kind of bloom effect to counter that? If that is the case then I really don't think it works at all. It makes the scene look more flatter than it probably was prior to post processing.

And it also makes the sky a weird and garish shade of teal.
Aaand it makes the whites of gardevoirs eyes produce lens flares which is absurd.

I checked out your other stuff to see if they're afflicted by the same issues and for the most part they weren't- the most recent Harriet video has some really crisp and vibrant lighting that really would've worked wonders here with some tweaks!

Also, something is incredibly wrong with the depth of field. You've got glitched specs all over the place and that seems to be a recurring issue throughout. I don't know what technique for DoF you're using (I don't use blender if my username wasn't obvious) but you might want to look into new techniques because it really shouldn't be behaving like that on static backgrounds.

As for the editing... you use fades and cuts to black a little more than you probably should. The cuts to black are so brief that I'm presuming there's a timeline issue or oversight going on in your editor, but the fades are probably the most egregious since they're intentional.

Editors usually use it as a way to transition and thus reset the pace of two dramatically sequences. Say, going from a high octane chase to a scene where two characters converse. Or even an commercial break. Your intent with using it is to provide the viewer with new information but that clashes quite a lot with the fast pace your aiming for, which is made worse given that they're all in the same locale. Some in-between shots or extensions and edits of existing shots would've been more effective.

So for example: at the opening scene where Kirlia discovers the other pokemon, rather than fading the camera to black and then show us her perspective, the camera could instead zoom in on her face, her eyes beam up when she spots the other pokemon in her line of vision, then about a second and a half later you cut to the PoV shot. Little things like that go a long way in not taking the viewer out of the experience (immersion in porn lol)

Some other, more nitpicky notes

-you have a strong subsurface scattering effect going on with the trainers muscles. Light is only capable of passing through a few parts of the body due to their thinness from one end to the other (so ears, nose, fingers, toes and yes, even foreskin and labia). Its physically impossible to do on thicker, well defined fleshy bits such as muscles.
-The physics of her skirt at 2:40 are going completely haywire
-Some loops don't really loop, you can see the exact point they restart- maybe this might've worked better as a shorter thing?

I really don't want to sound like I'm railing on something you've clearly put some effort into because again the models are really well done and its got a lot of variety to it, but there's always room for every artist to evolve, y'know? :)

CumminHam responds:

yeah rendering is without a doubt my weakest skill set. in the past i would keep working on projects until i got bored of them or hit a brick wall... sooo i got really good at pre-production and production stuff.... but i have almost no experience with post productions stuff such as rendering compositing and special effects. so ive made it an effort to finish projects from now on even if the result isnt as good as id like it to be.

that being said i think alot of the issues you outline are Due to the fact i was using the Wrong color management profile... i was using SRGB which is apparently meant for old CRTs when i should have been using filmic. basically the range on my images was worse then an old flip phone's camera. XD soooo yeah.... ive messed around with rendering abit after this revelation. and notice its alot easier to light scenes then before.

yeah to be honest i have no clue what was wrong with the Debth of field.. i also had no time to figure it out. XD i was way over deadline for this project and needed to finish it before i lost all desire to work on it.

yeah ive not had many projects reach the video editing stage. so thats probably weaker then my rendering skills.

though i think your pitch for the kirlia scene is more an issue with my story boards then editing. another weak area for me.

yeah its faked SSS on his skin with a light path node XD and im probably going to do SSS the right way from now on or just not use it at all.

god the physics on both there dresses was such a pain in the ass XD

i built some the loops as loops and when i rendered them out they didnt loop XD i forgot what the issue was but it just wasn't happening.

in short the project needed to be finished. and any failures need to be addressed in the next short.

no dude dont worry im doing this completely to improve here!
if ya want go ahead and add me on discord. i can show ya my progress on the shantae short. which im takeing my time with.


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3.89 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2018
12:48 PM EDT