Virtual Insanity

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wasd to move space c or p to swap time and m to mute. This game is a compilation of games I did for game jams combined into one. I will add more levels the as I make more so this game will have lots of updates. A lot of inspiration came from mario, braid, witches house and jojo. also you can press m to mute the audio.

update 9/28/2018 ive added 2 more levels and the hub world.

update 8/15/2019 i finally added the rest of the levels i made a while back, this is the final update.

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Interesting idea! Though the platforming could have been handled better. Perhaps less finicky? And more obvious background drops for what is and isn't stable?

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

ive mostly focused on the mechanics so the platforming isnt the best. i may update it later because it is getting in the way of a new level im working on. I will eventually take the time to fix the background but I would have to add more loading time in so its not a huge priority.

Great execution of a very interesting idea! Keep it up!

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

Thank you! im working on more parts to this still so il definitely keep it up.

Stuck at the beginning, at the part with the pole thing....
I know i'm stupid, but.....

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

It shouldnt be too hard, a lot of people have figured it out. thanks for trying though.

I've only played for about 30 seconds so far and I LOVE the idea and mechanics of this game. Idea wise, I don't know if it just hits home for me or what but it's damn creative and enjoyable to play. I hope you had as much fun making it as i'm going to enjoy finishing it. Keep em comin!

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

thanks, all the mechanics are based on themes for game jams, which helped a lot with the creativity.

I really enjoyed the puzzles, the finicky platforming not so much.

This is a nice amalgam of different puzzles games. Hat Wizard and The Company of myself come to mind.

I got two things:

1. I don't know if I did the cannon part the I was supposed to. I advanced through that part using a trick. When the Golem (those sitting monsters) is destroyed in the current world they become solid rock when I press space. So I just go to the place where the stone is going to appear I jump, press space and it propels me upward. (I can do a video if you want)

2. The part where the clone mimics you. I disliked this part not because of the puzzle...it was very clear what I had to do but the pixel perfect jumping and the fact that the clone would sometimes hit his head either in the ceiling or the little square part of the door (when it is open) drove me crazy. Then the final part is all about trial and error...

Apart from these small points I really liked the puzzles and the level design. Well done.

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

cool Il check out those games. that is how you're suppose to be the cannon puzzles, the second puzzle with them is suppose to force you to use that so you know its possible. I had problems too with the last puzzle while testing it, i even made some changes to try and make it easier but i may make some more changes in the future. Thanks for playing the game all the way through!

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2018
8:01 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other