Starship Goldfish Pilot

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Next two episodes, chronologically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8FU011cjKs

'The captain of the Starship Goldfish — high-functioning sociopath, mind-wiped former genius, possibly the last human, — will on most days lead his entire crew towards a heroic and avoidable death. His entire crew, Ghostworth — a sensitive and capable robot — has come to accept this as his life. But a chance encounter with an evolved robotic empire shows them both they may be meant for greater things.'

We're pitching this right now, in a new format with the robot as the main character, so here's its previous format for you to look at!

Store: https://www.moteefe.com/store/starshipgoldfish?user_currency=USD

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This is seriously the best pilot I have ever seen. I instantly want to see more!

Didn't know that i would like this so much. Damn...

I need more of this. please.

Well. This is an honest to god cartoon show. Crazy.

I loved it not gonna lie, imma keep an eye out for the rest of the series but I feel you could use more voices, now my mic is ok but isn't for doing voices but I know a guy or two that would probably love to be apart of this.