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Move with the keys or mouse, through the different rooms that this labyrinth has

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Definitely has the qualities of being a first game, so I'm going to offer what I think is some constructive criticism.

First, the rooms are mostly big, empty, and mostly serve no purpose nor have any kind of interactivity. Just because it's a maze doesn't mean that it needs to look bland- quite the contrary! If you're going to make a game where the entire focus is navigating a winding environment it would be wise to make that environment interesting to look at. I'm familiar enough with RPG Maker MV to know the default assets can be enough to make things interesting. Have fun with architecture! Tell a story with your environments, or set a mood.

Secondly, perhaps it is only because of the route I took through the labyrinth, but as far as I could tell the final boss was the only actual enemy in the game. Given that there was no combat before the final boss, it was kind of jarring when I suddenly had to make use of the protagonist's magical skills to win a fight. It's just really inconsistent. A final battle should be the test of all that the player has learned in the game so far, but here it felt more like a different game started right at the end.

Third, there are a few technical errors. The music volume varies pretty wildly between rooms, and you didn't set the boss to have a directional fix so when I approached him from the side his world sprite changed to a different monster sprite altogether. These are pretty minor, but something you might want to look out for in your future projects.

Fourth, the game itself felt pretty directionless. I understood that I was attempting to find my way out of a maze, but there wasn't really much of a story leading up to the protagonist's quest, and any story is retrofitted during the final battle.

Anyway, I hope you find these criticisms helpful as you move forward and make more games. Keep working at it, I'm sure you'll be making some amazing projects in no time.

not worth playing if the creator doesn't give a shit about other language options

And anyway i couldnt even begin to ponder the storyline.

It was short but mildly interesting.

No es realmente un laberinto, es muy simple y simple. Es decir, hasta que llegue al jefe, lo cual está muy bien hecho. Pero luego se acabó.

No hay laberinto, no puedo puntuar demasiado alto. Pero la lucha del jefe es magnífica!

jhonatancam responds:

thanks, it's my first game xd

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2.55 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2018
8:33 PM EDT