The Creepy Crawler

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Ever wonder what else the 'secret government' has hidden from us in Area 51?

Clay animation and stop-motion. 2018

Cheers! :D

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So this is what hides there. :) When that box first appears... I couldn't really tell if was real or not. The facade seems so smooth and the background so clean it almost seems digital... but it is real right? All with such optimal lighting it almost seems like it isn't!

The claymation/stopmotion's great as always, and the interaction between maker/model was unexpected! With the hand the notion of motion seems more slowed down/choppy than it'd do with only clay, I suppose, or maybe it's the air-time that's difficult to coordinate smoothly? With the part that's pretty much only the hand you'd think it could be filmed rather than stopmotioned though? Very smoothly done though, challenges considered, and the rest of it's all flawless, sound design and shapeshifting and all. Always entertaining with these shorts, and intriguing to try and notice the motions/techniques behind each move.


TheBabbleBeast responds:

=3 Thank you, Cyberdevil! Yes, the box/crate is real, I made it out of popsicle sticks and tongue depressors lol! And, drew on the words by hand. :) (so far nobody has noticed it is a joke from 'Raiders of The Lost Ark' -- I'll have to mention it in my next news post)

The lighting was actually a bit too dark which caused challenges in post, but I got it to work.

The stop-motion hand part was better than to use live action (live action is really jarring with stop-motion IMO and, besides, my capture program can't handle HD at fast speeds). Also, I could still subtly (barely) animate the character (with my one free hand lol) as I put it into the box. But, yeah, it was very hard to pull off and not as smooth as I would like (decided not to try adding motion blur) with lots of fussing and adding extra frames in post, it maintains that stop-motion 'charm'.

Appreciate your thoughts!

I have got tiny desk engineer, can we exchange ?
He is expensive and useless.

TheBabbleBeast responds:

=D Lol!

Super cute and i love that you did more with the voice over!

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Hey thanks, Tamara! =3 Hopefully, it's not expected -- I've always liked surprises myself. :D

Great stuff! It's awesome to see your newer animations. And with such an awesome style, it's hard to disappoint. :D

TheBabbleBeast responds:

After all those years of me not making anything, your comment really means a lot! Wasn't sure how it would go... so thanks! ^_^

This is why I tighten my butthole everyday non stop because of things like that!

Seriously though I was not expecting the hand, that was fricken cool! And When he open his mouth to scream/yawn that was so funny I don't know why!

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Hahahahahaha!!! You are too kind. ='3

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2018
3:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original