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The Short Straw 2

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Author Comments

The movie Short Straw is released to much praise, but one person isn't happy about this new film.

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BB10's Long Reviews in a Nutshell

woah, another good thor-clock movie, about recent CC events!

indeed, i wrote this epic review about rob-clock's movie, where he claimed that animating my script was him getting ''the short straw'' of the deal, obviously meaning that my script was the worst of the whole lot, while in reality it wasnt that bad.
(it was quite enjoyable in fact).

and so, being the little vindictive guy that he is, rob half-heartedly animated his part under my script and he changed many parts of the script so that it will look absurd, revisioned partly, and edited some more, so that it will always portray bb10 in a negative or stupid way.

but, lets say that im OK with him butchering my script. lets even say that i will accept him whining all the time that he got ''the short straw'' of the deal, alright.

he should've at least added me as a co-author in that movie and he should've credited me for my work, without sarcasm, malice or anything else.
i wrote that script, and thanks to my script (and to his good animating skills), he earned the daily 2nd award.

but what can i say? bob will never have any honor or dignity, so my arguments are probably an exercise to futility...

about your movie, thor:

everything was nicely drawn, the clock-characters were cute, and the animation was smooth.
but the best part was how you voice-acted as ''bb10''.
oh man, that was hilarious! excellent work! :D

i loved the moments where ''bb10'' paused and snorted/breathed fast with rage, or when his voice was changing between hostile and friendly, while finishing off with a ''BOB'', as a final insult.

however it IS true, rob-clock does consider the name ''bob'' an inaccurate way to call his name, and he also considers it ''an insult''. he's that thick.

needless to say, i really liked this parody of me, and i wasnt angry at all.
i laughed alot, and i loved this movie, man!
*heavy, angry breathing*

everything in this movie made good fun out of a small dramatic event, and i liked it alot.
the voice-acting was superb.

keep up the good work, thor!

PS: lol, the ''co-author'' move of adding me as a ''writer'' for this movie was a moment of pure genius, hahaha! excellent joke/reference/irony.

Ushnor responds:

Glad you liked it. I was hoping you wouldn't misconstrue it as a personal attack or something, especially since I've already made movies before based on your reviews

shit quality, but amazing script, i nutted.

Ushnor responds:

You're a nut

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2018
2:54 AM EDT