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Pacman HACK!!!!

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Ok. I obtained the pacman open source FLA (The same tom fulp uses for his pacman mods). So I edited in a bunch of fucked up levels! Plus you can still play the original level.
Remember to wait til it loads.


cool dude

if u r wondering,the difference between ez3 and empty is there r dots that r left out that spell ez3 in the space.
i can well imagine how cooler it would be if only there were moar modes and/or a place where u could make the maps and upload them so others could play them.

the best

the best ever i could not see why it didnt get a higher score it rocked

new beginings

my suggestion would be to trash this and come up with something totally original, otherwise the critics on this site will blam it off before you can blink. good luck to you :)

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Quite a waste of space ont the Newgrounds server. It has no sounds, the controls are so bad its unbelievable, ghosts dont even always kill you. There is no sound, and all you did was edit a good game and turn it into dog poo. And last of all, its one of the most unoriginal things i've ever seen. So go, think of a better idea than just mucking up other peoples games, and try again.

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The graphics get a 6 because you replaced Inky with a green ghost. And seriously, you didn't even bother to add ANY sound! The controls made no sense--there were certain parts of the maze where it was impossible to move downwards upwards, ect. Also, ghosts that touched you only killed you SOMETIMES. Very bad, and definitely blam-worthy.

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1.97 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2002
6:24 PM EST