The Music of Erich Zann

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While not my first film, this was my first animated short film. I all honesty, it's not that great. I tanked the ending and used 3 different programs to edit and that is painfully obvious.

That being said certain scenes really work when others don't. So that's why it's only 1.49 on gumroad.

Check it out and hate it it or like it.


If the link doesn't work you can find the link on my profile.

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The animation is VERY nice. The music is cool too, and the style does really fit. The narration was okay. I do wish you didn't have that weird out-of-place static image. I mean, it gets the style right, but maybe if it were at least a little animated, it would feel more like it fits in. I'm talking about the one with Erich Zann, maybe if it showed him playing maniacally or something. The one with Cthulhu also looked a little weird, but that's kinda the point, and it felt surreal. Also, I get that the music is supposed to be deafening, but I couldn't really understand some of what the character was saying when I first watched this. Overall, a pretty cool trailer, though I do wish that one image looked a bit more frightening.

Im an instant fan

Wow I am loving the "BLACK-WHITE" style here I was sad that this was so short though this has a deep vibe about it and looks like it can be a deep series if you make one from it, my advice is to make a series from it, So I will start my Opening Remarks on that thsi film has Earned points by me for the effort and time put in on this one, you Focus on the efforts and it will be some good Entertainment for all to enjoy.

my advice is to make a series from it


Cthulhuzann responds:

Good news/bad news. Bad news: it's not going to be a series. Good news: It's a much longer short! Stay tuned.

great job!

Cthulhuzann responds:

Thank you. If you want to watch the full film you can do it here: https://gum.co/MOEZ

For a first this is really impressive! Incredibly detailed, and smoothly animated. The background, animation and occasional effects combine well. Looks awesome. When his eyes darken and he tears at his hair... you really capture the expressions! In terms of content it feels a bit like a teaser for something greater, not scary per say but hinting at greater things. The original piece, I guess. Awesome work.


Cthulhuzann responds:

You can stream it here for cheap https://gum.co/MOEZ

The film doesn't come across as horror. Maybe sci fi. I meant it to be scarier, for sure. But I think a lot of the animation is good. So I stuck with it.

I think it looks good as a first animated short.

Cthulhuzann responds:

But I'm that guy who always thinks what I do is crap. If you watch the full film I think my own criticisms are valid. And I think I SHOULD criticize myself. Because I want to get better.

I've written and directed other stuff. And while I like some of it I'll always punch myself a little.

Here's my first student film if you are interested:


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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2018
2:41 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place August 19, 2018