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S.T.R.E.S.S. 2

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Author Comments

You thought your old job was hard, think again!
(All sounds and music by Eric Matyas: www.soundimage.org )

HOW-TO-PLAY (but try it blind first :D)

Screen 1: hover your mouse over the sewage balls to cool them down if three of them turn orange...you die
Screen 2: sound the alarm to scare off the infiltrator, if he's close to the pole he will disable it if you activate it
Screen 3: pretty sure it's broken but if it activates, just click the red button
Screen 4: use the "A" and "D" keys to move the electro orb, if gets too close to the lightning rods, KABOOM!
Screen 5: the conveyor belt transports bottles of liquids to them reactors, watch out for the red ones however

Bonus Tips: Each death has its own message, click the speaker to get rid of my cringy voice acting, there are two endings, and that paper by the window looks interesting...

Sorry this took so long, I was procrastinating fixing some bugs which is why it took two months to make this small project. Sorry if it lags randomly, lots of messy, un-optimized code, the next installment will be on with Stencyl...once I know how to use it.

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The game has gotten a lot better. Different death screens based on why you died.. More multitasking challenges. More sound effects and a message to start the game. All of this basically making the game more fun.

I thought I had everything ok but I keep getting this death message
"You were supposed to leave, why did you stay."
Anyway, the game was executed well for a start. Good job.

JustcallmeCookie responds:

Thanks for the short but nice review.
The game has gone better and I promise to you and anyone else who may read this that it will only get better. (stay tuned for part 3!)

(man i should probably make that one easier) Yeah that one screen (the 2nd one) is a bit tough. Read my response to cblue8282 that should help.

Pretty simple game. This is clearly inspired by the mechanics of FNAF, but without the tired animotronics or other monsters. Instead the player is simply managing information on several screens for a few minutes.

Not a lot to say really. The implementation of multi-tasking was fairly well-done, but could get repetitive over a long period of time. Perhaps that is why the game is so short, but the problem still remains.
The voice-acting was decent. Not amazing, but it got the job done pretty well. He also does not drone on for minutes at a time, which is welcome when the player has to start managing a whole bunch of stuff all at once.
There were not a whole not of sounds, but what there was worked. It would have been nice if there was some ambient noise though, to make the space feel alive somewhat. Maybe a quiet and slow hum, or sounds of some crickets far in the distance, perhaps even an owl or something on rare occasions.

Still an okay game, for what it is. A lot could potentially be improved, but this is still okay.

JustcallmeCookie responds:

Thank you for your positive look on the game!
Ok yeah I'll admit it, this one was slightly more inspired by fnaf.
The multi-tasking part is what I tried to focus on for game play, and I'm lazy and wanted to get this game out so, yeah it was a bit short. If it feels repetitive it was kinda meant to be that way.
The voice acting was put in just as a small nod to the fnaf "HELLO, HELLO?" and to make sure it didn't drag on I used the "put how-to-play somewhere else" technique.
You know what, I really should add in more sounds it feels a bit quiet (also don't know if your sound is way down but there is an ambient "hmm" in the background) sorry the extra sounds weren't there upon release.

I love this game, with the multitasking idea, but I didn't get past screen 4, because I'm guessing screen 2 (Message: You were supposed to leave, why did you stay?), which I don't get.

JustcallmeCookie responds:

Thanks for your positive review!
Yeah that one's slightly more complex than the others. The safest way to deal with h...the person, is to get them while they are on the right side of the alarm pole.

Also the messages are just lore I'm trying to build up ;)

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2018
7:55 PM EDT