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StrawberryClock in VRchat

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StrawberryClock wakes up from a cryogenic sleep in an unfamiliar place. He is on a quest to spread peace and goodwill. Does anyone know him? Does anyone care to know him? Is he able to do whatever he damn well pleases? Is it still 2001?


A big THANK YOU to my good friend ReticentSmolder whose SBC model made this video a possibility.

A second big THANK YOU to all my friends and wayfarers from VRchat whose enthusiasm for StrawberryClock and The Clock Crew for the past couple weeks helped me put this together. You were all a lot of fun. I wish I could include it all here. Maybe I'll make another video sometime if this is well received. An extended edition, perhaps?

This is my 10th year submitting things to Newgrounds and I actually tried this time. I hope Clock Crew members and those of you visiting from VRchat for the first time VOTE 5 and leave a comment here. I will read them.

Happy Clock Day!

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Funny how the first Xbox console was also in 2001.

10/10 even of its just gameplay footage.

You've gotta get that Strawberry voice to really make this work though!!! It's just not the same without. The message doesn't have that edge. That authenticity. The style is... so different too, and apart from the description I'm really not feeling the link here, but hey Happy Clock Day! It's a good day.


I like the idea it amazing

I mean, its alright but i'd rather save this kind of stuff for youtube.