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The Clocks of Perception

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A movie for the ages.

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another classic work of grotesque bizarre horror by grey van clock.

in this movie, we dont have the classic characters of ''moustache-man'', of ''eye-patch man from the FUTURE'', or the lady-robot with the big rack, while the absense of the heroic bb10 is also a huge loss from this installment, not to mention that grey clock Ph.d. should be also in this film as well...

however, the movie is unique and wild, its just not packing up a punch as the older ones did...

i loved how your film started with the evil cat-person saying to the globe-clock-lady, that:

''your scientists have yet to discover how neural networks create self-consciousness, let alone how the brain process 2 dimensional butt images into the 3-D phenomenon, known as human perception.''

and the globe-clock-lady replied with:
are you threatening me?

as cat-person replies:
...i just did.

the tension is very heavy, and you can see where this epic stand-off is going, UNTIL!
the familiar creepy alien from your older movies makes a surprising appearance, thus preventing an epic battle of wits between the evil-cat-person and the globe-clock-lady...

oh, and the poop-tree that sprouted from the lady's butt? it was really clever, yet gross.
but it was original, i guess...

all in all, this was a good grey-clock movie, but not as top-tier as your older ones.
needs more cowbell, and needs more grey-clock+other clocks in it.

happy clockday!

I hated this. 10/10 Real Art


.sega eht rof eceipretsam a ylurT !WOW

What has no meaning might just be meaningful in some way

probably not though, this is just it