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No Destination

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Update 1.1 : Better asteroid balancing, small changes and features to make gameplay smoother, fixed some bugs :)

MADE IN 3 DAYS FOR LUDUM DARE 42 - Theme : Running out of Space
OUR SUBMISSION : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/no-destination


CEDRIC BAGEIN - Art, Sound/Music

MARTIN JACOB - Game Design, Programming, Sound

Huge thanks to SAMUEL BASSET for his help on balancing and additional programming.

We hope you enjoy our submission :)



In the game menu, select "TUTORIAL INCLUDED" to activate tutorials in game.

Mouse over the white help bubbles and various objects to learn about the game. Take your time !

Left Click to drag and drop Objects and Astronaut around the ship. Mouse Wheel to switch between Spaceship Mode and Combat Mode.

Fend off Asteroids in combat mode by shooting your laser, using left click. You can maintain the click for a more powerful laser.

In Spaceship mode, produce oxygen so that your crew won't run out, download and upload data to make your score higher, and use the other tools to acquire upgrades, more speed, and more !

If an asteroid hits you, you will lose one of the spaceship's rooms. You will run out of space over time : try to manage your resources well.


Thank you for playing ! If you have any suggestion or bug report that you would like to address, please do so in the comments :)

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Really cool game, only wished there was a hotkey for switching modes instead of the mousewheel (since the mousewheel often breaks on cheap mouses and using a mousewheel feels a bit clunky in general)

Oxygen starvation killed three of my crew, but with the remaining two I was able to last 155 days and send 15k GB of data until I got curb stomped by invisible asteroids. Upgrading your laser and charging it kept me alive until the end of the mission.

Keeping five people alive with the oxygen systems became impossible over time. I would recommend and oxygen system upgrade and having your crew's skills increase with familiarity with their assignments. Otherwise great game.

Space exploration really takes dedication and devotion to duty. It is not for those fearful of death. In that you were spot on.

I revisited this again after nearly a year. It took some balancing skills but I made it to 280 days and +50K of data with all five astronauts and all five rocket stages. I was going to try for 100K or 1000 days, which ever came first, but eventually I kept manufacturing great drives and O2 tanks and upgrading my lasers. Ultimately, even the worst asteroids were one shot kills, my O2 reserves were always topped off, and my data collection/transmission specialist was always so busy collating and sending data I could forget about for in game weeks at a time. Even speed boosting at insane speeds became tedious. Eventually I got so bored I put all my crew into the cargo stage and waited for an asteroid to take it out. Getting OP enough to get bored was neither an easy or short trip. Its still a great game. I don't know if I was in the zone or you updated. Either way I gave you an extra star.

TheFunAttic responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback !

With the game having to be finished in 4 days, I didn't have time to test it for as long as you did. If I ever update it, your comment will prove very helpful helpful. I am glad you had an enjoyable experience despite this game's many flaws.

Have a great day !

On day 20 I was being assailed by a continous barrange of asteroids in hard... (more than 6 at any given time).
It would be more interesting that they come at different sizes and not all of them atre pointed at you.
You do know you can't even get to the asteroid belt with today's technology in a month? So that was pretty immersion breaking. Without a warp drive the craft would have never left the solar system (and it looks like it uses conventional impulse propulsion).
Anyways... that was pretty immersion breaking. And yes, the lack of tutorial sucked. But the concept and aesthetics were OK.
Also, this game has more memory leaks than the Titanic...

Plus, 512 gb drives in 2091. Lol.

Invisible asteroids on the radar was bullshit... If it weren't for that I wouldn't have lost everything :(

Edit: Omg... I lost again... because I murdered Ma-Guo Ken T_T

Edit: The easiest difficulty is ironically harder than the hardest difficulty because of everyone's incompetence.

I agree with most of the others. This could be the best game on Newgrounds and next to nobody would know because the tutorial is such a jumbled mess of convoluted information, as well as an info dump, that it would take the better part of the game to figure out WHAT to actually DO and WHY doing X does Y.

TheFunAttic responds:

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback.

I am aware of the tutorial being this game's main issue... In the three/four days I had to complete it, I did not put enough time into explaining what does what.

I understand the mistake I made, and will try to make things clearer next time. I do hope you still were able to play and had a good time !

Have a nice day :)

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2018
9:47 PM EDT