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Unfinished bullethell game

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[Left Control] to slow down/ concentrate fire.
[Arrow keys] to move.

I tried making a game with GDevelop4— it is buggy as hell. Still want to put up this unfinished game up.

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Considering all that is present, this game is pretty decent. Though, if you were to try and compare the difficulty to other Bullet Hells, then this is easy. Try and work on the difficulty scaling and enemy count.

Well, this actually wasn't half bad. It's nice having upgrades act as shielding and outside the bosses the game play was just challenging enough to warrant satisfaction. I only noticed two bugs, the ship being pulled to the bottom between waves and the horror that awaits if you click on the next level button after level two.

Odd mechanic making "focus fire" a straight fire rate boost. On one hand, this forces a choice between mobility and damage output (a good thing). On the other hand, it renders normal (not focused) mode nigh useless for a majority of the game (very bad). You can do a few things here:

A. Work future levels so that the quick movement offered by normal mode is used more.

B. Keep the same fire rate in both modes but increase the weapon spread in normal mode to catch enemies far to the side.

C. Disable shooting outside of focus mode.

If you decide to finish this, you might wanna give a difficulty pass on the bosses. There's too many areas where you can stay perfectly still and not get hit, becoming especially egregious on the second boss.

Overall a decent start.

Hope this game looks alot better when its finished!

Thought it would suck for being unfinished, but it's actually decent. There some stuff to fix, but you should try to finish it.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2018
1:56 PM EDT