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Nea´s blowjob

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HI everyone!

This is a commission made for the project Tsumi Yo manga. Starring Nea and Qaji.

You can visit the official page at http://tsumiyo.com to learn more about its characters and story.

Hope you like it and seya!

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I love it, so perfect

don't really care what the dude looks like, great animation. would be amazing if you added sound!

guys body Is disgusting but whatever at least there was cum!!! AND ALOT OF CCCUUUMMMM!!!

Wait one minute hold on so you can have sexual things other than naked chicks on this website?

Animation is pretty decent, offering good points where speed and pausing is used well, but that male anatomy is horribly distracting. The guy's right leg has a weird bulge that's suppose to be muscle but looks like he's got two testicle sacks, and his knee looks like the bottom of the cap exists but there's no top. Also his right leg could use a lighter shade or a gradient between the darkest shadow and regular coloring, as the light source makes no sense with it done that way. At the very least the top of his right leg should have normal coloring, with shadows on only the bottom bit.

All in all it's a good show of the basics, in both being functional porn, art and animation.