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Engulfed is a top down, Galaga inspired arcade shooter. Fight hordes of ships, a portal slowly advancing every enemy you let by, giving you less time to react, until you eventually Run Out of Space.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 42

INSTRUCTIONS: Space to shoot Left and Right arrow keys to move

Original Ludum Dare Site: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/engulfed

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it needs more work, players shouldn't be choosing to move or shoot. Random spawn does not help this game. The enemies look just like the player, i can not see creativity done on it. All in all, it needs work.

it's a very quick and reflex-heavy type of challenge, which I enjoy. It builds tension effectively, but that's because it gets harder when you mess up. this positive feedback loop causes good players to get bored and bad players to have trouble getting the hang of it. Overall it's good for a novelty jam game, but doesn't offer much repeat play

Pretty fun game, even if it gets boring a bit fast.

Well, in the begining I dodged a few enemies because I thought being hit would insta-kill me, until the near end of the second atempt in which I discovered that nothing really happens if I get hit by an enemy. I think you should change that, it would make the game more challenging and the idea of reacting fast would be more real.

Also you should add a leaderboard, I mean, it's a really arcadeish game and it would be nice to compare my score with that of other players.

Overall it's a nice arcade-style game, great for playing when bored, but it could get some improvements.

Oh man, the Ludum Dare games.. I don't know how to rate them. In context of a "fully developed" flash game, this would be a 1 out of 5 for me since there is not much to it. A shooter as simple as it gets, although functional. But even for a Ludum Dare game I have seen more features.

At first, it was over for me pretty fast because I simply let to many enemies get by. But since I collected money I thought this was how it was supposed to be and I would be taken to an upgrade screen. Sadly, there was none and the game started over. It is pretty bare bones in that regard, although everything seems solid it is nothing new or exciting. I hope you build on it to expand the gameplay and make more out of it, since the foundation is solid.

Hence my 3/5 rating for a Ludum Dare game.

Nice little game, but you owe us either autofire or new spacebars. ;-)