Fade Out

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WASD are the controls. ive wanted to make a game with this engine for a while so ive taken ludum dare and lowrez jam as an excuse to finally make something with it. also i dont like the music but its the best i can do at the moment so i may redo it later.

update 11/14/2018 I added a new tile and some more levels.

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Nice and short game while also quite challenging. You have very little time to stop as platforms start to fade away after stepping on them. :D

Nice little game. Finished it and well it felt good.

gg i like it its looks very confusing but i like it can you make more of these they good bro

My game is frozen and I tried using WASD and as much buttons there were on the average keyboard but nothing. Didn't fully rate yet, though, so if I just "didn't start the game" I could initially rate.

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

thats weird, the game is coded to not play music until w or s are pressed with and theres no idle animation so it appears frozen until interacted with, so i would guess its not actually frozen and the problem is with the controls.

edit: I was just trying this game on a different computer and found the same problem, but it started to work again when I switched browsers.

Pretty neat game, I like the 3D pixel art.

What you need to do though is provide instructions on what the controls are. Took me awhile to finally figure out you use WASD to move around.

WorthlessProtoplasm responds:

thanks for telling me, i did that on itch but i forgot here.

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3.43 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2018
3:51 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling