The Door into Winter

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Greetings ladies and gentlemans! I missed deadline, ХD
This is my attempt to learn new soft, tricks and gain some expirience. During a year toon drawn in 5 programs, by 2 different tablets wow, it make sence.
New tablet wacom intuos is much better than previous.
So now I decided to stay in flash (AA) for 2-d animation, use Clip Studio paint instead of PS (coz cheaper and easier to use).

Thanks to everyone who helped me with learning:
Slyman Coffee -wise man
Cyberdevil - know how to english
makestuff - great handsome voice
voiceofshaun - forever young positive man
killreal - make cool noise.

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Well... this was a pretty decent animation with both a fine artstyle and animation along with good voice acting.
I liked it, would be sorta sweet to maybe see a sequel to this or smth xD
russian winter is tough man

'Food land' was my favourite, imaginative part. Really liked that morphing tree with leafy propellers that fly off. ^_^

Pecheneg responds:

Woah :-), thank you!

There was some nice animation, but not all of it was on the same level. The part where he put on his backpack looked extremely weird. I mean, you got the feel of the dream right, very disjointed and weird, but I just didn't get what was going on. At least a consistent main character would be nice in this case. It was strange, he changed moods and did weird things. I guess it is just like a dream. The Monty Python reference was pretty nice, and all the Newgrounds ones were too. The story was interesting, and it's interesting how you managed to include overlap with the real world. The voice acting was pretty good too. It's just a bit unclear how he got knocked out. Maybe if he slipped and hit his head on the ice before he fell through, that would have been better.

Pecheneg responds:

Indeed, it was nice expirience and next time i swear it will be much better.
Kind regards, Pecheneg!

I loved the knight saying "It's just a scratch but it still hurts" That cought me off guard, I expected some Skyrim jokes, you know.

The artstyle is not the best but it does it's job.

I wonder what was he doing while he was on that trip? Ate someone and walked around a gang of gopniks with Boris.

Bruh, what do you mean cyberdevil was the beta tester of a video?

3.5 oughtta 5: Watched it twice. Good.

- FR

Pecheneg responds:

Thank you for a feed back! Professional gopnik approves this toon, LOL.
Indeed, CD helped me to make it better than it was.

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3.44 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2018
10:17 AM EDT