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Jessika's Curse August Update

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August Update now features the City of Venkmar
Other Updates:
Lust System
UI Layout
Combat Speed Adjustment

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jessikascurse

Developer: Venus Noire

Producer: Lord Arioch https://twitter.com/venusnoiregames
Programmer: MiNT https://twitter.com/minty_miyakei
Artist: Sommelier https://twitter.com/_S0my

Correction: Due to numerous complaints by the artist, he is not dying of heat at the moment, but is drowning instead and requires life jackets.

HUGE Prototype Maps during development:
(Procedural generated for Continents and Labyrinths)

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I like how 'Turn Order' looks like Cum Order

mintymiyazaki responds:

I was trying to troll Lord-Arioch when I did the redesigns of the UI.

This has certainly grabbed my attention. The gameplay looks interesting, and the art style looks beautiful even compared to non-h games. I checked out the Patreon page for more info but have a few questions/ suggestions.
-Do you happen to have a fetish list? Knowing the type of sexual content in the game allows you to show up in more searches. Personally I would love to see a pregnancy system that gives effects similar to DD's Virtue/Affliction system where each Vaginal action has a chance to provoke a pregnancy that could either last until you head back to town (where time is implied to pass and the pregnancies are short because magic) or maybe even stages where the pregnancy temporarily decreases speed and lust resistance, then also defense and crit chance later on. The upside could then be the children grow up quickly and are able to work for your party, improving the town. Each Race could have a special bonus to the production. Ect.
-Do you plan on having ways of intentionally engaging in lust acts? Maybe it be a corruption system where you can attack enemies to lower lust and not get KO'd. I read about the odds being very high of running into H-events even while trying, but sometimes it is nice to be able to take initiative.
-Is the game going to be free on launch?
-What parts are inspired by Darkest Dungeon? The art style and overall difficulty is what I see, as well as maybe the lust meter being like the stress meter. But one of the major strengths was the fact you had many hero's who you could discard and had to manage with an emphasis on risk reward. How do you plan on emulating that with 4 core characters?
Thanks for the potential response. This game really has caught me and I think I might toss a buck in (sorry I am a broke college student).

mintymiyazaki responds:

According to Lord-Arioch (Producer; gets blamed for everything wrong):
"There's no fetish list at the moment, as we are still deciding on what content to include.
There is no planned breeding stuff because of the addition work it would entail at the moment, but that could change.
You'll be able to engage in lust acts in town.
The game will not be free.

Combat, dungeon design, town system are inspired by DD.
We can't do disposable characters due to the amount of work it would take to make additional animations."

Holy shit. In all of my years I've never expected a 18+ game to be like this. The potential this game has, the art, the animations; It's amazing. I really hope that this game get's popular and that you guys receive the funding that you require, I know damn well that I will help out the best I can. But damn, what a great piece of art.

Fuck the porn, this legit looks amazing to play

mintymiyazaki responds:

I'm thinking it's going to be a battle between the ones with natural large sized breasts vs the flat justice conspirators, however.... fucking the porn would only empower the porn.

What is this? an adult game with good gameplay, graphics and nice animations at the same time? what kind of witchcraft is this, how many virgins were sacrificed to make this?
This one really got my attention, games like that are very rare, its hard to find an adult game like this, most of the games in the genre are either a game with good art and poor gameplay, or a good gameplays and a poor art, and even when we have both, its not animated like the ones here, its really amazing, cant wait to see more.

mintymiyazaki responds:

The virgin sacrifice counter is incremental over time so that would be impossible to give you an accurate number as any number I provide you will be invalid by the time you receive it.

There is also skill upgrades/assignments and equipment upgrades in the city. Give it that Lord-Arioch hand me the item database! smh.

Just for jokes, we can seriously generate over 50k rooms/areas but that seemed overly excessive.

NOTE: I just added them to the description if you want to check it out.