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The Little Black Bestiary: "A Dragon's Treasure"

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Small request: If you encounter bugs, especially with the game failing to load, (takes less than 1 minute on most systems, be warned there is no loading bar) menu settings not saving or saves working improperly; please let me know what browser, OS and device (ie: smartphone vs desktop, etc) you are playing the game on so I can narrow down the possible causes. I've been getting sporadic reports of such issues but can't really reproduce them.

If you encounter such issues you might want to try the downloadable edition instead. (It's a free download on Itch,io and Gamejolt)


Welcome to the multiverse's #1 dating site! Where you can meet the monster, human, alien, robot, demon, elf, or other sexy single sapient being of your dreams!

The Little Black Bestiary is an episodic 'dating sim', with each episode being a story about a human who joins an unusual specialty dating site and romances a 'monster' (Or other different kind of non-human fantasy race.) Most episodes (this one included) contain NSFW content and are not suitable for players under the age of 18.

This is our 'pilot episode,' so to speak, in which the player goes on a date with Isabel, a dragon-girl with a small (okay, massive) otaku streak. Can romance bloom in the local comic shop?

This is the HTML5 edition, ported from the original downloadable edition you can still get on Itch.io: https://cyberscherzoff.itch.io/a-dragons-treasure

This version has less visual and audio bells and whistles, and skips the pre-date prologue; but does have a few QoL features like a better saving system. It honestly still needs some optimizing as this tends to hang while changing scenes and loading character assets. Please be patient.

We have more episodes on the way; with the next planned date being a fairy! If you want to keep updated you can just keep an eye on this account, or do the social media thing:

Obligatory Patreon Shill:
Simply put: More patronage = more sex scenes. And maybe some animation or voice acting down the line. Mostly a tip jar, since we plan to keep releasing new episodes for free, but members get to vote on what content we add next.

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Isabel has good character depth, personality, and the writing is quite good. She was quite charming, which is something I rarely find in this category of games. This game would stand solidly alone, without the NSFW content with minor story tweaks (and a new basic plot), and I'd enjoy it too.

The NSFW parts have really nice art for them, and the writing's really solid there as well!

Humor is good, well placed, and not over-the-top.

Easter eggs are fun :)

Going to be looking into and following this series closely now!

===Bugs I ran into===

Playing on latest firefox, windows 10. BGM volume resets whenever a new bgm clip starts. This is doubly odd, as the selection does *not* reset, even after a page refresh.

The [Config] button also only seems to work once the text is finished typing out, unsure if that counts as a bug.

Might want to add a [Config] button to the main menu as well.

Attempting to change text speed softlocks my UI

The third time I reloaded the page (from the softlock mentioned above), the game failed to load. It worked fine the first two times. Shift-Reloading (Reload, refresh cache) and it loaded fine.

This game is fucking amazing.

Is there a downloadable soundtrack for this game anywhere? I'd absolutely love to listen to the tunes on my free time.

i am male, gimme the tail(job)

Often gets stuck and doesn't load although the music is good and I'm sure if I could play the rest of the game it would be fun.

Windows 10, Desktop set-up, Google Chrome.