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Chogue is the love child of Chess and Rogue (the original roguelike).

Explore generated dungeons with a party of chess pieces. Attempt to capture the King of Yendor and bring him back to the surface.

For this game design experiment, we constrained ourselves to use only mechanics that come from either of these models. For example: character movement, turn taking and capture from Chess, but world, visibility and progress structure from Rogue. The result is a surprisingly compelling experience, at once very different from each model while still evocative of both.

The source and all the design process is public.

More information here:

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wow I have to say I have never been beat by an AI chess board haha that was fun though, maybe some improved graphics and more intense sounds on this would be pretty cool, A fun game here, it does need more of an ump to it, The fun level kind of drops out of it after abit so you need to do something with this to make it more exciting but from what I did play it was kinda fun, and seems more on the simple side of things but I still had some fun with this game, but anyways ill get into more detail about what it needs and doesnt need.

maybe some improved graphics and more intense sounds on this would be pretty cool


Not a bad idea, but;
Why not just start off in the dungeon, with a full set?
Rooks and Queens being the only real manuvable ones for such a game, kinda drags it down if you lost them.

Fog of war (the black void) has always been an unfair thing. You move inch by inch, and get snipped by something you couldn't see.
Not helped by, with the added space, it becoming a dance as neither one can hit the other.

Seems to be finicky when it takes your input.
I move, computer moves, then i'm stuck on the previous piece for a good while before it registers i'm clicking on a different piece.

Gold could use a different color. First time i saw it i assumed it was a hazard of some sort.
Along with some other colors could use a touch up.
Red and green don't really make for good chess/dungeon crawler, colors :s

Overall not bad, would like to see this simple idea expanded on.

i usually don't leave reviews (especially on games that don't really, amaze me) but i really do like the idea behind this game. i've never played rogue so idk if this is too close to that but i appreciate what you have going. if you have any plans to develop this more, i'd like to see it

The map is dark, you wander around to discover things and suddenly your queen jets kills from someone out of the dark area. Why can the enemy see me while i can't see him?

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2018
11:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Other