Frieza's Revenge

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I do not own non of the character or the music and sound effects. I hope you enjoy it.

Also it is in Youtube. And check out my other animations.

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For the most part, very good.
Animation and artwork are great though I did see times when the animation kinda look a little lazy (e.x. shifting between 2 frames while flying and those frames just move left and right) Audio for the most part is great though at the end the music drowned out the voice acting. I suppose the plot is suppose to be the same as an episode of DB (despite me not watching the show)

Really good. I also suggest to clean up the white lines visible on characters in some frames.

ProudGamerBoss9000 responds:

I know that I did made some mistakes and using the same frames twice and I will fix that for future animations. For the audio give me time learning how to use it properly because like you said that in the end the music just made it harder to hear what the character was saying. And yes, cleaning those white lines should be kinda easy (Just have to turn off the feathering). Thank you for the advice.

You seem to have a lot of potential but you appear to need much stronger reference material.

I recommend getting art influences outside of animation, comics, anime, ect

Study the influences of your favorite artists as well.

You are already studying the classics such as Dragonballz and other older cartoons.

Add real life as an extra influence to add more accurate anatomy to your drawings.

Study how real people look and human anatomy will become much easier to stylize.

study the muscles in arms, legs, torso and how they fit together.

Study the human face to understand how the facial features connect together.

Study everything until you don't need the reference anymore.

You already built a lot of muscle memory from drawing dragonballz characters.

You will already naturally get better at drawing dragonallz characters but you can always excel farther.

You can also study lights and shadows.

Think about where the light is coming from before adding shadows.

The shadow on frieza's neck and under the face does make a lot of sense.

I seen shadows on the necks of real people before.

observe real life and compare it to anime.

You will notice that a lot of anime uses real life observation in it's drawings sometimes.

You got some really great early work.

You'll create brilliant work with a bit more slickness and refinement.

Keep going.


ProudGamerBoss9000 responds:

Thank you for this advice. I will do better (Or at least a little) on my next animation. This is a dumb excuse but I started animating for about a week but I am getting the hang of it and I am glad I found Newgrounds. People like you telling me how to make my animations better is what I need. And again I thank you for this advice.

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Aug 9, 2018
7:05 PM EDT