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RELEASE DATE: Fall 2018 (for steam and mobile)

!!NOTICE!! : It's (good old) HTML5. Expect some graphical hiccups and scrapped content (even for a demo).


WOW! A Buddinpal! Yes, a Buddinpal of your very own.

Buddinpals is a variety virtual pet game set in a decidedly more real setting. Name your pet, take care of it, dress it up and play games! You’re so lucky to have a pet that gets you so well...something seems off about it all though. Eh, it’s probably nothing too serious!

* Hours of fun gameplay with good amounts of replayability!

* Over 30+ items!

* Play with up to 4 players locally in Party Mode!

* An unlockable Hard Mode for seasoned pet owners

* 3 alternate endings

* Maybe there will be an end boss?....I dunno. We’ll see how we feel.


I hope its free, or elese it would be lunacy

Dungeonation responds:

The full version will be $4.99 ;w;
It's relatively lengthy and replayable

I look forward to the whole game! There are still some issues, like it not allowing you to click on things, but it looks really cute! I like the sounds, and simple graphics. The same problem Flowerpowers214 mentions below occurred for my game as well, and the text speed is a bit slow.

i like the game tho but there little off site of the game some letters are appearing in empty textbox but game is good and fun and well cheering
here i made video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OayfkC311n0

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It's a good start! From what I've played, I've encountered very few bugs, most of them being very minor. As for positives, I will say that the graphics are nice and the whole game seems to stick to a consistent style. The dialogue also sounds natural. However, I did encounter occasional graphical glitches in the text box from time to time. Additionally, the screen seems to glitch at random intervals for very brief periods. In the pause menu, the quit button leaks outside of its box. Just one last nitpick: when in the shop or viewing items, it would be nice if you could navigate with clicking instead of arrows. Aside from all of this, the game is off to a good start and I look forward to seeing the final product!


(This is Cryo from the Game Designer's Video Resource.)

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Dungeonation responds:

Thank you for the kind words!! Yeah, unfortunately HTML5 is not very capable, as such I had to scrap a bunch for the demo and there's plenty of graphical errors -w-
I'm glad you love it so far! Everyone's talking about the item navigation, so I'll have to do that for the final game.

Looks interesting (hope it isn't legit horror), but WAY too short, even by demo standards. Still gonna save this so other peeps can see the demo and get the full game.

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Dungeonation responds:

Yeah, fair enough. The demo length is because average playtime ranges from 30-60+ minutes. Thanks though!

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3.03 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2018
6:22 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy