Kero Kero Bonito- Sick Beat- Fan Animated Music Video

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Author Comments

The song in this video is by Kero Kero Bonito from the album “Intro Bonito” which is owned by Double Denim Records. This video is purely intended to be transformative and not gain profit.

This video was a lot of fun and a step out of our usual comfort zone of horror. Enjoy the ride


Animated and Directed by Spencer Xavier

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/spencexavier

-Instagram- rotten.pie

Newgrounds- http://spencerxavier.newgrounds.com/

Additonal Art and Concepts by Linda Mota

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/rubbbernecking

-Instagram- rubbernecking

-Newgrounds- http://linda-mota.newgrounds.com/

-Art Shop- http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Cover Art by Harry Partidge


-Twitter- https://twitter.com/happyharrytoons?lang=en

Pixel Art by Template88

-Newgrounds- https://template88.newgrounds.com/

Check out Kero Kero Bonito and look out for their upcoming album and tour!




Thank you again for your viewership. It isn’t easy making this kinda stuff and we hope we can continue to entertain you. (pssssst hire us [adult swim])!!!! : )

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I saw a comment that said "I was a bit sad the art quality wasn't as nice as the thumbnail" which makes me a bit puzzled.
Yeah, the animation of figures is a bit hazy, rough and always moving but it's so clearly intentional, especially given the amount of detail and shading given to many of the backgrounds, not all of which could have been done by linda-mota. Little things like the face lick and the quality of the lipsync (little things like her mouth at 1:48 especially) demonstrate that clearly this isn't just amateurish work, but someone who clearly knows what their doing and likes this style.

That aside, this is a fantastic animation to go with a song that I didn't like at first but I just put on their debut mixtape thanks to you. Keep up the great work!

SpencerXavier responds:

thanks for the review. yea it's been an evolving dynamic between our collaborations. any backgrounds not done by Linda have always been done by me and over the years we've tended to jive off each other so it's interesting that some people haven't been able to tell at times. and yes I've heard a lot of critiques about my work lampooning this sort of rough style and honestly it's the kind of style I've always wanted to do and being a part of and inspired by underground art and animation, the beauty of that sort of thing is how imperfect yet bold it can be at the same time. Bakshi's Heavy Traffic was always big for me. There were moments in that film where you could still see the rough lines in between frames but the movie was filled with so much vigor and raw energy that it didn't matter. we've gone so long and gotten so used to how things are now where every cartoon on air has to look squeaky clean and have these perfectly symmetrical flat backgrounds with nothing in them. so i can understand the criticisms I get (which are valid if looking through professional lenses) but again to me that's okay. the elements that bring independent art to life and make it free are what some would call imperfections, in my opinion.

Incredibly interesting style and so many game references in this music video, amazing. :D

I wonder if Kero Kero Bonito has seen this.

This was a fantastic music video, only thing I can think of that could be changed is maybe adding a warning in the Author Comments that a couple of sections have fast flashing colors, otherwise, awesome music video. :)

SpencerXavier responds:

thanks ill be sure to do that from now on especially with the next few things im working on they definitely need that warning lol

while i am surprised by the quality of the video art as opposed to that of the thumbnail (title screen)--assuming that was deliberate since there's honestly no other explanation for it--the animation is very fluid, and i do suppose that if that's the cost to pay for the difference, it does make some sense. that won't work for everything, and i would encourage you to keep working at it (just because even my stick figures look ugly doesn't mean it isn't true), but it's a start.

i am impressed by the scope of the video, naturally. ofc, the sheer amount of references--not just the obvious ones like Parappa, Tomb Raider, Rainbow Road, and Katamari Damacy but stuff like the DC controller, koroks, Mac Tonight--may also have something to do with the reduced quality of other aspects and cannot make-up the difference, despite what modern dogma "teaches" us (i'm looking at you, Family Guy).

anyway, the vibrancy of the art, on the other hand, is very filling. interesting choice of music to animate to, but i honestly can't think of anything better. in the end, all the little elements are just enough to keep you glued to the screen, and for curiosity sake, on a subsequent watch, just enough to encourage you to like it a little more and more each time. kinda like pop in that regard.

SpencerXavier responds:

I wouldn't overthink it bud lol

I put this is the monthly voting cause the animations are really cool and colors are great and the audio is really awesome too!

SpencerXavier responds:

ah thank you :)