Kero Kero Bonito- Sick Beat- Fan Animated Music Video

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The song in this video is by Kero Kero Bonito from the album “Intro Bonito” which is owned by Double Denim Records. This video is purely intended to be transformative and not gain profit.

This video was a lot of fun and a step out of our usual comfort zone of horror. Enjoy the ride


Animated and Directed by Spencer Xavier

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/spencexavier

-Instagram- rotten.pie

Newgrounds- http://spencerxavier.newgrounds.com/

Additonal Art and Concepts by Linda Mota

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/rubbbernecking

-Instagram- rubbernecking

-Newgrounds- http://linda-mota.newgrounds.com/

-Art Shop- http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Cover Art by Harry Partidge


-Twitter- https://twitter.com/happyharrytoons?lang=en

Pixel Art by Template88

-Newgrounds- https://template88.newgrounds.com/

Check out Kero Kero Bonito and look out for their upcoming album and tour!




Thank you again for your viewership. It isn’t easy making this kinda stuff and we hope we can continue to entertain you. (pssssst hire us [adult swim])!!!! : )

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I really like this. This isn’t a usual type of animation I would like, but this was really satisfying to watch. The colors the movement, it was so high energy and playful, it made me feel like a kid. I found myself enjoying it not in spite of the art style but because of it.