Rat Issues

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Another down to the wire one I had to severely cut for time, but here it is in all its janky glory. Here's me entry for the 2018 Summer Jam round 3! Future Problems! I really like this character and I may use him again, although he ended up being to complex to draw in such a short timespan. I wanted to have more subtle nods to the issues of energy crisis in this future and use environmental storytelling in this, but god damn it if my ambitions didn't go overboard again. It seemed to reasonable when I boarded it. The sound was last minute and far form my best.

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This looks neat. Run little rat, run.

Ah, the joys of collapsing society for a good wank. Everyones been there. I'm sure.

The rat looks really cool. Like the spikes on his back. Good Work.

KloudKat responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it! This guy gave me problems though. I liked his design so much that I didn't take into account how little time I had to animate a character so complex!

I love the art style, but animation is extremely short :<

KloudKat responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah I had a full minute long cartoon planned, but it just didn't work out in time so I had to compromise a bit, which sucks, I really liked the ideas I had. Maybe I'll remake this one some day.

Nice! I enjoy the animation style!

KloudKat responds:

Thank you! Unfortunately I think the art style contributed to me having to cut so much out of this. Lesson learned. When doing jams, keep characters super simple!