Taking out the trash

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Made for the Future Problems round of the summer jam.

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This is awful... Fucking depressing. And it's part of what it makes it so good.

The message is perfectly conveyed, the cheerful music made the impact all more dreadful and contrasting, and the final shrug was just genious. Depressing, but with excellent execution.

Of course, greater details would've been much appreciated or more fluid animation. However, given the time constraints and everything, you did great.

The future looks bleak... Thanks for the reminder.

Reminded me of Deponia for some reason.



The animation is pretty cool, and it's got a good message. The environmental shifts were pretty cool too, but there was something nagging me the whole time. Why didn't he just dump the trash anywhere!? There were literally piles next to him and he walked for miles! Also, the ending could have been done better, I'm guessing he dumped it on the flower, but maybe you could have made that clearer. Like, clearly show him looking at the flower. Indicate that he is currently thinking about the flower. Do a single cut to it. That would make it much clearer. Otherwise I like how he just shrugged it off. This was made for a jam though, so it would have probably been better if you had more time.

DannyBG responds:

Yeah, I was wondering if anyone would bring it up. But I didn't mean for it to be interpreted literally. Obviously the problem is portrayed in a very exaggerated manner.