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The Billy and Psi Show - Episode 1

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Billy and Psi have a very weird relationship that is about to get weirder every minute.

Whenever I caught an episode of any life drama show on TV, this is basically what I saw. A lot of drama, a lot of nothing, a lot of what the fuck.
Enjoy the ride!

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Average High School life.

Pretty funny! For some reason, this video seems pretty familiar, did you post this elsewhere first?

Psi43 responds:

I did! This video is a cut together of 21 shorter episodes I made 8 years ago. They're on YouTube, but they have around 40 views each.

That being said, you might remember seeing this aesthetic. This video was made by using a program called "Xtranormal", which provides you with 3D characters and sets. It was a big thing on youtube when I made those. Now Xtranormal has rebranded to "nawmal", still with most of their assets, but sadly the text to speech voices I used in this video are gone.

The show being voiced by Microsoft Sam or whatever makes this a really awkward watch. The whole show suffers from uncanny valley, the character models just looks atrocious to even watch from.

Everything just feels like one huge shitpost, and if that's the intention, well... it could've been better.

This is definitely a ride... jesus fuck

Psi43 responds:

lmfao thank you! After watching like 4 episodes of different soap opera TV shows, I came up with this.

By the way, all of what you saw is 8 years old. I am currently releasing segments of season 2 on youtube. Once I have a sizeable chunk of mini-episodes, I will release it as episode 2 on Newgrounds!