Flight Fantastic

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A collaboration I organized with a bunch of talented animators for Flamingosis' latest album "Flight Fantastic"

tracklist + contributors:
1. Ignition // Alicia (Andy) Tagliasacchi
2. Return of the Love Jones // Christopher Rutledge
3. Flight Fantastic (w/Birocratic) // Janice Chun
4. You were meant for me // Tom Goulet
5. A mile high // Nick Parente
6. Cruise Control // David Holm
7. Can't seem to shake it // Joel Nixon
8. Bob Saget gets new real estate (w/ The Kount) // Daniela Chrysafi + Danny Zhao
9. Two Steppin' into fantasy // Ryan Ines
10. Bruncha Nova (w/ Tokyo megaplex) // Tyler Naugle
11. Tumbao // Mehr Chatterjee
12. Auowww!! // Grace Shin
13. Jet Skis & Hennessy // Amy Xu
14. Another Time // Jacqueline Lin
15. Last Stop // Na Yon Cho


ah, so showcase / music video. well, very nice animation: fluid, kinda trippy, rather beautiful in many ways. there's a good variety of style in both animation and music, while staying consistent to particular genre: mostly 70's pop style, psychedelic at times (kinda), non-disco, smooth (not jazz), "chill". for the most part, anyway.

still, that's all it is. there's no meat. as far as videos go, this is only half-baked. i know this is how it's supposed to work, but that hardly matters. it's not enough to go on.

To the Contributors: very nice. you are all quite talented. there's no way i could pick a favourite. "keep it up!" is all i've got to say.

i loved seeing all the different styles interact like that! awesome stuff

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Some of these animations seemed pretty simple。 Also、what's with all the food? The cartoonists must've been fuckin' starving。Besides that、it seems like a lot of these were unique and quite so trippy indeed。

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Really cool!! Reminds me of Loaf Town xD

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The variety in styles really caught me off-guard. For the most part, the animation was absolutely delightful. There wasn't much of a meaning besides "some cool flamingos with chill music", but that's really all you need sometimes. It was all really fun and energetic, and, like I said, the variety in styles was great! There was even some nice humor and weird concepts in there! The music switches were a bit jarring though. If you had to ask me what my favorite was, it would be really hard to decide, almost all of it is EXTREMELY beautiful or cool in one way or another. I really liked the "Return of the Love Jones" one. It just stuck with me. Seriously, all of you are so, so talented, and keep doing what you're doing!

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Jul 30, 2018
9:47 AM EDT
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