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robin and the warlock's hex

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Hail friends, and welcome to Robin and the Warlocks Hex. In this installment, Robin ventures to a coastal town and tries to steal a potion. It's expensive, therefore valuable, therefore rare. no idea what she will do with it, she just wants it


YES there is very little gameplay to this interactive story book, but it can't be classed as a movie. i get several angry reviews of people that actually care about that for some reason, but consider the following before you mention it in a review.

I am aware. Your concerns are valid but unneeded, my hands are tired in this regard, please cease

enjoy :D

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I've always found your style kind of endearing and it is FUCKING UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME to see some futa-on-male on Newgrounds, with your name on it to boot. I think most of the criticism is valid, however. Maybe your level of quality is done deliberately to save time but I think you could really improve more if you tried.

Proportions are out of whack, practically no detail, and the animation is so bad that what I believe was supposed to be a blowjob, ended up looking like a nose fucking. Smaller waists and being better endowed =/= a better game. Half the pictures make the girls look anorexic and at certain points it looks like their tits and asses are defying gravity and forcibly being pulled out of the girls' bodies. The noise of every scene stacks, so I can't even hear myself think right now because of this squelching noise, and it would be nice to have more than one sound effect. Bug test your games before you release them and work on your art and animation a lot. We don't want quick shit games, we want quality games even if they take longer to come out.

Captain-Freeman responds:

Thank you for your feed back

Just bad...

I know I already said this on your last game but I didn't say it properly and I'm sorry for that. I still have to critizise the art though.

I think that these games are not too bad at all, I just think that your art needs some improvement which could make these games one of the greats. Just take the time you need. I know you publish these games pretty quickly and that reduces the quality of the games in my opinion which is reflected by the current score.
The characters could use some more realistic anatomy. Sometimes Robin's waist is so small that I worry about her organs being crushed and I don't find that attractive. Sometimes the legs are out of proportion aswell. The shading feels off sometimes.

This should just give you an overview over the things I think need improvement. I don't mean any harm nor did I intend to insult you. I have enjoyed your games in the past and hope you don't let this demotivate you.

Captain-Freeman responds:

Thank you for your honesty, I'll take your feed back on board

This one pretty glitched. The sounds still play even after I finished a scene.
Also the play button didn't work so I had to refresh.

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2018
7:00 AM EDT