Crypt Shyfter: Limerick

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Welcome to Limerick. You are a Paladin, a gunslinging, magic weilding badass sworn to protect the innocent and bring order to the wild frontier towns.

But (of course there's a but) all is not well in Limerick. Paladins are going missing, outlaws are harassing the locals and hoarding dynamite, and swarms of rotspawn have been seen in the canyons nearby.

It's up to you, with your magic staff, your trusty boomstick, and your Shyfter Steel pistols, to restore peace to Limerick and drive off the evil infecting the town. Try not to get yourself shot.


written by kung fu space barbarian
cover art by omenakettu

"Wild Ride" by WIGMANN
"The Gunslinger Returns" by ChronoNomad
"Spaghetti Western" by primallightmusic
"AIM - Peacemaker" by LexRodent
"Pooping In My Pants" by Bertn1991

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Currently still playing, but lemme just say....this is scratching my DnD itch HARD. I LOVE THIS.

evermead responds:

hahah yesssss! virtual wild west DnD ;)

Nice premise. For a minute I thought I was playing Silverload, anyone with a PS1 remember Silverload? Just me? Ok.
You were doing so well, then well... damn. Just like Dark Tower books, tone rapidly changed and everything just got goofy in the end (all of them). But was there a lot of choices, yes there was. Thankee, sai.

evermead responds:

long days and pleasant nights, stranger ;)

The end was incredibly underwhelming, to be frank. All the endings might as well be completely unrelated to the rest of the game.

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started fun and interesting and then the experience just just fell off a cliff and died with the cameo and the meta-ness of it all, boo on you kufuspbar, boo on you... a riddle off is the exact opposite of a climactic finale.

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evermead responds:

boo on me :(

at least it's not poo on me!

That Cameo xD 10/10. I thought about Matt Mercer here haha.

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evermead responds:

he's definitely been a huge inspiration for me!

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3.94 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2018
7:28 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG