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Starfreaks: Limerick

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Weird Western

Welcome to Limerick. You are a Paladin, a gunslinging, magic wielding hero sworn to protect the innocent and bring order to the wild frontier towns. But (of course there's a but) all is not well in Limerick. Paladins are going missing, outlaws are harassing the locals and hoarding dynamite, and swarms of rotspawn have been seen in the canyons nearby. It's up to you, with your magic staff, your trusty boomstick, and your twin pistols, to restore peace to Limerick and drive off the evil infecting the town. Try not to get yourself shot.

cover art by omenakettu

**Updated 12/21/2020

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I loved it. And i love the possibility of new endings. I really love the idea of replayablity. I hope you keep making more of these fantastic stories. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Out of curiosity, do you have any lore behind the shyfters? Or are they different in every story?

TruckSawdust responds:

The lore is slightly different in the sci fi series since I wasn't totally sure what direction I wanted to take it in, but I do have an "official" origin story now.

It's mostly laid out in Legend of Silver Wolf, but the TLDR is this: special barbarians on Azmar used to have the ability to shapeshift. A group of alien invaders attacked, captured the shapeshifters, and took their power, then became the first Shyfters. Evil bastards!

creí que seria un juego con movimiento...

TruckSawdust responds:

No, sólo el texto. lo siento.

Nice, real nice. The stats in the begining are a nice touch, I´ve been screwing around with them and they seem to change the options in the game. That´s interesting.

Next time I´m so punching a cow.

A badass job once again, man.

TruckSawdust responds:

yeah i went a little off the wall with this one, glad to hear you enjoyed it. punch that cow!

"Punch a cow."

Finaly I've had time this game, and it was worth every second! I love westerns, and this game delivered it with all the exotic spices.

I see a lot of people complain about the ending, but honestly, I liked it, it was funny and it reminded me of the first few Crypt Shyfters. Sure, you could've gone for a badass Clint Eastwood style ending, or you could have gone for this one, it would be great anyhow. It's just some choices that need to be mada while making a story: one idea goes and the other one ends up being forgotten.

The end definitely didn't follow the pace of the rest of the story, but it made me laugh, quite a bit actually, and that's enough for me to consider it good!

Can't wait for Atomic Angel to come out!

TruckSawdust responds:

i planned on doing the big dramatic shootout at the end and i probably should have done that. i started to feel like it would be so obvious and so i just went off the wall.

in hindsight this game was building up to a shootout, and obvious or not i should have followed thru on that. oh well... live and learn!

Was expecting more of a "fleshed out" game. not just a few choices that really didn't matter in the end, when all you had to do is answer riddles :( Maybe next time 'Kufuspacebarbarian'

TruckSawdust responds:

you're totally right the way i structured the game actually can lead to a pathway that ends in about 5 minutes if you dont explore on your own. that was a mistake on my part and one i wont be making on future adventures. if you do all the side quests it becomes one of my longer adventures but if you dont do those its shorter than mon magma.

thanks for sharing your thoughts! i will cherish that one and a half star and lick them when i feel lonely