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Diives Animation Pack

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Author Comments

As a small break from my main project in order to clear my mind a bit, as well as for general practice I put together a small collection of animations made by the amazing Diives.

Just for the hell of it I also added some basic interactions. Diives was then gracious enough to let me make the result public. Its not much but I hope its enjoyable^^.

Keep in mind that in order to keep the filesize manageable the graphical fidelity of the animations have been reduced in comparison to their original counterparts. Check out Diives' account for the full-rez versions, You will not be disappointed.

Edit: Due to popular demand I have upped the resolution a bit, its still not full-res but its better than it was - that does however mean longer load times. In an effor to partially counter this I also removed the clothed wrestling animation, hopefully be increased resolution is worth it^^

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porn is porn pussz is pussz

some is a good game is only wha i whant say ;)

I've seen a lot of diives' works for so many years, only the graphics have improved, the style does not change in any way, just like eipril

My computer was slow so it took a long tome to load, but it was well worth it in the end.

Subject: David "Diives" [Subject last name here]
Status: Suspended
Awaiting further evaluation... on Newgrounds.