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Brutal Planet

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Brutal Planet is a game create for the 2 Colors Game Jam
where you have to punch other stellar object with you planet to destroy them. But caution! When you touch them, you loose some health point! You object? Collect the maximum of points in 60 seconds.

2 Colors Game Jam : https://itch.io/jam/2-colors-game-jam
Itch page : https://bigaston.itch.io/brutal-planet

I've use the beautifull Monogram​ font by Datagoblin : https://datagoblin.itch.io/monogram

=== Power Up ===
You have some power up to help you!
- Health Boost : Give you some health point. Can be upgrade in the Shop
- Time Boost : Give you more seconds to destroy other planets!
- Shield : Give you a shield for some seconds

=== Upgrade ===
The Roative Shield is a permanant shield who turn around your planet.

The Shootgun is an auto gun who turn around your planet and shoot some bullet to destroy other planet! Can be upgrade to decrase the time between shoot.

=== Me ===
My name is Bigaston and I'm a young french game developper!

You can find me on other website :
On my Twitter, for news and information : https://twitter.com/Bigaston
On my Itch page, for all of my games : https://bigaston.itch.io/
On my Ko-Fi page, to support me : https://ko-fi.com/bigaston

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Playing this game doesn't really give me any enjoyment. I don't really understand how this game is supposed to work, why there is such a big time limit even if you want to stop playing, why the music is so awful, and why the text is so broken. There isn't even a quick sign or tutorial that tells the user how to control the circle.
Kind of a lame game.

I don't even know what to say. The game for me started off the same way many others seem to have experienced, and in such a way I had no reason to assume was a bug at the time. Symbols were arbitrary, text was broken, I had a shield (despite in hindsight not having unlocked it) and, inexplicably, there was gravity for some reason. Bearing in mind, at the time I had no clue this was a bug- there was nothing to indicate that the game didn't just look like this naturally. I reloaded the page, and everything was the same- completely broken and busted. Curious if I was missing the point, I read the reviews, and apparently what I was experiencing was all some ridiculous glitch.

I reloaded the page a *second* time, and this time the game actually worked as intended- very, very underwhelmingly. It's not that bad, perhaps a game I'd have rated 2.5 stars if it had actually worked properly from the start, but it simply didn't, and even if it had- meh. The objectives are arbitrary, the upgrades are pathetic, the music is a confusing mess, and the *glitches.* It blows me away how this could be released without the developer seeing them, considering so far it's happened two of the three times I've been on this page. Overall, it's a broken game that isn't worth fighting through the glitches to play in its unbroken format. Not entirely sure why this was featured.

oh, my... where to begin...

practically unplayable. barely understandable. didn't know what i was doing a vast majority of the time. items in the shop seem arbitrarily and ridiculously priced. honestly, the only reason i continued playing this game at all was because i was curious what the music upgrade was. the "fantastic world of epic sound" was a huge let down.

you get one star for having cool music. not melodically great music, mind you, but interesting, unique, and beautiful in its own very strange way, like the theme from Crazy Bus. can't imagine what kind of game or scene it would be useful for, however. this ain't it.


Good game, but it's to easy.

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2018
9:59 AM EDT