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Juansworld - The New Housemate

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Juan has new friend coming over. Who could it be?

They say they are going to move in with Michael and Juan. Who could it be?

Starring Juan Valencia as Juan

Gavin as Gavin

Juansworld 2018

Dedicated to Edd Gould

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It alright.

Well let's see:
Terrible artwork and lazy animation, the characters don't even move their mouth or legs.
Terrible audio quality. Voices are hard to hear and constant voice actor trade off.
Errors like crazy like the same character going to the left side of the screen and goes to that same background coming from the right.
Lame plot is badly made and uninteresting with no structure or even point.
Bad intro is probably better than the animation.

One of the worst animations I have seen on newgrounds to date.

Luigi64Gaming responds:

Thank you for telling me your opinion. I will work harder and make better quality animation.

really getting 2008 vibes from this

Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2018
2:00 PM EDT