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Shit the Game.

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its not as simple as it looks the further u go the harder it gets and yep this game is currently in development
latest version v1.0 (Whats new? - Graphical Changes, you can expect lava in the )

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Everything ok but....

1) The speed randomly increases with time while pressing the arrow button. Is that intention or somethin? Anyway that annoyed me.

2) Graphics dont really have any depth. Create one sprite and multiply it man!

- Concept -
Just another platform pixel-perfect-jump game, reach the goal in each level. Nothing new, nothing fancy yet well executed.

- Mechanics -
The controls are extremely floaty, I'm going to assume that's on purpose to add an extra layer of depth in the core mechanic (jump), that didn't stop it from feeling odd and hard to get used to, it gets specially tricky while trying to do midair direction changes which the game forces you to do. The floatiness also helped me skip a lot of osbtacles in certain levels, it kinda felt like cheating, not sure if that's intentional.

- No Sound nor Music -
- Placeholder art, nothing to see here -
- No UI, but it isn't truly needed, it's a short game -

- Level Design -
I'm quite surprised here, even though there are no clear indicators as to where's the goal in each level I didn't get lost, thanks to the perfectly placed obstacles the exit was pretty much obvious everytime. Levels are fair but the difficult spikes are quite high leading to some frustating levels (second to last was extremely difficult compared to the last level).

- Last thougths -
This game is in an obvious early stage, it nailed the concept though, it's a great prototype to keep polishing or/and add stuff to.

Rexcrazy804 responds:

I feel like someone wrote a summary on my game. Perfectly explained!!

it has a weird name but it is the most amazing game I've played today

Rexcrazy804 responds:

Glad to know ^-^

Yes, I made it! :D Its not as frustrating as I thought. It's kind of hard, but if you try it very very very....very...very....very...very often, you will get the trick, and you'll made it!
Very funny :D

Rexcrazy804 responds:

glad to find some one who got the tricks ;)

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2.08 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2018
6:18 AM EDT
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