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Juicy Wow!

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Hello everyone out there on your phones and in cyber space! This is a cartoon I made, I hope you enjoy it.
Fun with a purpose: I made this cartoon with the express intent of raising awareness of and pointing attention to my cool new album called Nelly’s Bandaid. It’s available for streaming right now on all (or most) digital music platforms. Maybe next time you are looking around Spotify (or one of the many wonderful streaming platforms available right now) the words “Sick Animation, Nelly’s Bandaid” will pop up in your mind and you will give it a listen.

Have a blessed day.
-Marc M.

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cause shit got in a blender??

that is a juicy wow!

Pretty good blender. And dat ass.

Oh boy, your style is weird. I liked the guy's song, just like in Puppy Power. There was some neato weirdness, like when he was looking in through the winder and when he started screaming due to the horrible mutilation he inflicted upon himself. Also, the idea of that is very weird. I have some trouble talking about this. It's just so weird, I can't explain it. All I can say is the weirdness fits the character. I also like the way he says "Juicy Wow" (and the fact that that means nothing). Her saying "Iraq" and unusual methods of preparing souffle are cool as well.

This shit is ugly. Yet strangely entertaining. You would be perfect for Adult Swim

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2018
3:09 AM EDT