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UNDROID is a 2D platformer game where the player takes part on a sci-fi adventure to get back his Toy Factory. During the game, the main character will get robotic upgrades which unlock new skills and abilities. This is a game developed for a third semester Game Design graduation course, and was made in 4 months.

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Where is this Q button "dash" power supplied? It's appears to be impossible to pass the stomping blocks without that, but all I've found so far are boots and laser glasses. Agree with other reviewers about the character's motion speed and lack of anything to make play compelling. It feels unfinished.

Cool game, really liked the upgrade as you go mechanic. However I did have some issues, especially with the dash and hit boxes of the enemies. I couldn't dash consistently, sometimes it would work on my first try, sometimes I would have to press Q multiple times to get it to work, though that could be a hardware problem. With the hit boxes, sometimes a robot would take two or three hits to destroy, other times it would be one hit, depending on where I shoot. Do different robots have different health? If so, a health bar might be helpful. Some other things I noticed included that once you get the vest, the extra heart appears below the original three, instead of next to them, and in the final boss fight, the boss glitched into the ground and was stuck there so I could just spam W and beat him from a safe distance.
Thank you for sharing your game with us, I hope my comment was helpful :)

luisfmodestop responds:

Thanks for your comment! Answering your questions, yes, different enemies have different health - we might add a healthbar to help distinguish them. The extra heart wasn’t a consistent bug during some playtests we did... what resolution are you running?

Thank you very much for taking a bit of your time to play our game!

Whilst the game doesn't do anything glaringly wrong, there's really not much here to classify as interesting. Most if not all mechanics here are quite generic and so there's not really anything to hold my interest. I think there are multiple ways to tackle this, the most common being to have a unique core mechanic and then designing the rest around it. One thing I did like use of the crouch and falling through platforms, having to drop at the right time then duck under the wall was nice, though I'm not sure how much more these were put to use as I stopped playing when I got the dash.

In terms of feel and polish, there were some nice aspects such as scrolling to show the upcoming level. However, a lot of parts could still do with some improving. The player feels very sluggish to control and I think having sound effects for jumping, landing, ect would help. The very low invincibility time was also a bit annoying early on. The first robot I encountered I wanted to see if I could jump on it but the low invinc time cost me 2 hearts, following which came the unexpected laser sending me all the way back to the start of the tutorial which doesn't feel fair or fun at all.

The robots could have also done with some more polish such as sound effects and a firing animation. Also, they seem quite inconsistent in terms of how they act (some flip, some don't) which is quite jarring.

Overall, whilst there are some aspects that are nice and I didn't notice anything glaringly wrong with it, it's an all round fairly generic game with consistency issues.

luisfmodestop responds:

Thank you for your comment! Yes, there are lot tweaks to be done to improve gameplay and game feel. We just didn’t have time to finish all these details in time - thats a 3rd semester university project!

Thank you very much for taking a bit of your time to play our game!

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3.27 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2018
6:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other