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Broken House

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Author Comments

You are stuck in a house that doesn't seem to be quite ordinary. Can you fix it and escape?

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A nice little escape game. Good difficulty and nice puzzles...not a long game by any means but a nice little challenge while I drink my morning coffee! Well done :)

Yeah, no need to stress about a story, for heaven's sake. Stories are terrific, but this is just a solid little puzzle game. Do we sit down at every crossword we do and complain that there's no plot? Do we play 2048 and wonder, "Say, who put the numbers here and why are they trying to combine themselves? Who's the protagonist?" Escape games like this one can exist with or without story.

The puzzles are solid enough... certainly not difficult, but enough to make you think a bit, and I do like the "broken" theme, were solving puzzles puts pieces of the house back together to reveal new clues. The way the broken fixtures are set up and the way they move is kind of surreal.

It found it satisfying. Sometimes it's nice to have a simple, relaxing puzzle to unwind from a shitty and stressful day. Get in and out, no stress.

This game was really bizarre - seemed like a throwback to the old '06 era escape games. And it's even made in Flash! I thought the puzzles were mostly the right difficulty, though some of the hints were a little vague and the 4th hint was really hard to find. I also got really confused as to why everything was so scrambled. Things being broken is one thing. Things being on the wall is another. Graphics and sound were above reproach, and overall everything was pretty average and unassuming. Still fun for the few minutes it lasted.

An interesting escape game.

It's just a recent "Escape the ___* game, but I have so many questions:

1. How did the character go to the house?
2. Why did the character go to the house?
3. Why is the main character a tiger?
4. How did the house get so messed up?
5. Who owns that house
6. Why would somebody own that house?
7. Who even make the house?
8. How can a tiger solve puzzles?
9. Why isn't this called "Escape the broken house"?
10. Why do you have a deviant art account?
11. Who makes the music, and did you ask permission?
12. Why did you make this?

But hey, at least you try your best, so I'll give you 4 stars

GetLostGames responds:

Hi there,
Love the questionnaire!

I have a deviant art account because I like drawing and looking at drawings, hence I joined the community.
I make all the music for my games. It's not perfect, but I'm improving.

As for your other questions...You classification of a 'just a recent "Escape the ___* game' is spot on. I myself like playing room escape games. Sometimes I enjoy a well thought out story explaining everything, but sometimes I don't feel like it and I just want to quickly get in, flex my brain and get out. And I think both types of games have a right to exist and have a fan base.

Some of our other games have a story and perhaps would be more to your liking.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2018
10:51 AM EDT