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Hi! My name is Viktor, and I love hardcore games, porn, and I always wanted to do something cool. So I decided to create The Last Barbarian – a hardcore adult game.

The idea of this game came to me after a few hundreds of hours spent in Dark Souls. I thought that this game literally raped me! And I wanted to make a game in which the main character will have sex instead of death.

This is a WEB BUILD. Because of memory limitations, it significantly REDUCES THE QUALITY of textures, models, and animations.

The Last Barbarian – is a third-person game. And for the best gaming experience, please, play FULL SCREEN MODE authorize ability to LOCK THE MOUSE CURSOR inside the game screen.

And of course, you can always download a FULL HIGH RESOLUTION public version on my Patreon Page!

WASD - controls
LMB - attack
SPACE - evade
SHIFT - run
E - interact
ESC - Mouse Lock/Main Menu

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Nice art, but thats it. i cant even move. moving the mouse around the character is laggy.

Nice game.

You have a great potential, i like the models and scenario. I like rating erotic games, i dont accept raping, honestly, for me is offensive. But as a 3d artist and programmer i liked your job. The demo is very short, fighting 3 monsters and get a sex scene and some arts at gallery dont show your game properly. I dont know how is the complete game, but add inventary and more items, custom character, etc. This game remeber me Sherwood Dungeon XD most than Dark Souls, try to make more hard and balance the range. The character movements its very light, try to "heavy" the character movements to get a more realistic physics. About the opmization i run without problems in a 2010's notebook XD so i think is very nice. Dont get rated by the others internet connection or computer's power. Thinking a intro can give to the player a more immersive gameplay, dont give the character background but make something about the world of the game, then you can keep the mistery about the character history but dont let the players without any idea about they can do. For now is it. Keep going!

the option to slow walk or run +1 point
the dodge range is too far (you should lower it) +0 points
no options menu -1 point
poor optimization -1 point
VERY short demo -1 point
you start off in a ditch with no explination -0.5 points (cuz its a demo)
a very nice ass +5 points
has ALOT of potential +1 point
has barly eny sound effects +0 points

Oh my God, how I loved this game! It's just everyone's biggest fetish (mine too), fight, lose and get raped (more precisely see the female character get raped).

The only problem is the FPS, sometimes I do two hits and only one goes (and the camera get crazy) and I have to wait one or two seconds to move or be normal again.

P.s.: I developed a strategy, it's just hit and roll, you'll gain time and wait to be normal again.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2018
5:41 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG