Raven Go !

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Beast boy finds a little alone time, but he got a little too comfortable when Raven walked in.

Hello guys ! I'm foxiCUBE ! I'm an artist and I just started to make erotic games !
Raven Go! started as a little project to practice making games.
My goal is to make longer games with more scenes and more choices as well as adding puzzles and mini games.

Please wait as the game loads and will sometime freeze until the ressources are loaded.
The desktop version works without any loading and will be made available to public next month ! ( or get it now on Patreon. )

If you liked the game and would like to support me and help me make awesome games head to my Patreon and get cool rewards for donating ! Any amount you donate will be appreciated !


If you liked the game please fill out this form to let me know what kind of game you'd like me to do next !

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Art style is very noice

juego fue muy ricolino

very very good!

Замечательно,только осталось дождаться полной версии

Love the art style, although I feel you're uncomfortable with drawing hands because you didn't draw the jerking off scene, or BB's hands when you fuck her roughly and grab her by the hips, and have expertly hid raven's hands behind her butt and cut off her other one. Some tips for you are even if it isn't much I'd like to see BB's dick move instead of having the whole picture shake it just gives it something extra to the whole shebang. Have there be some kind of text skip option so those of us who want to see all the dialogue options don't have to go through all the text again and again. And maybe tweak the swapping of assets so the couch doesn't appear from behind Raven's ass. Overall a decent game, could use some touch ups, but I'm looking forward to your later releases.