R&M - a way back home v1_4_0 OCTOBER UPDATE

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Had to backtrack the version since it had a lot of errors and issues on the web version. If I manage to fix it I'll re upload it, for now, go to my blog and download the PC version. Hope you like it.

October UPDATE!

2 Summer events, 2 pickle morty events, 1 event with Unity, 1 new bathroom scene with Morticia.
To trigger new events:

-Write to Tricia on Messenger app (you have to do it twice, once you buy her the emoji pack and second time you have a conversation with her)

-That will lead you to the Pickle Morty event.

-Buy Summer the dildo from the devil's shop. (remember you can work for Rick only once a day)

-Talk to Rick about his offer for Unity route.

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Good work, feels legit like something Rick would do. 3 Stars for now though because after a while it runs out of content. Hope to see more!

Pleasee summoner quest akaliii or something with kda skins.

This is great. Honestly, I have a thing for Beth. I’m not really into cartoon/anime erotica but one night after going on a Rick and Morty viewing spree, I had a dream and Beth was involved. Anyway, I have a few suggestions I hope you will take into consideration for future patches. I was hoping to get more bathroom spy events with Beth and Summer. The ability to sneak into Summer’s room after she’s asleep, looking at her phones pictures and sending them to your phone would be cool. I personally feel that too much gameplay (which is still awesome) is dedicated towards interactions with Tricia. Sex scenes that involve Morty having his face in them (I know that there are limitations with POV with flash games and such so idk about that one). I know that Jerry is out of town but maybe a twisted dream sequence with him and Summer (I know, I’m a perv). I guess I’m just looking for more interactions/quests involving Beth and Summer. I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m a quick learner, if I was pointed in the right direction on how to use Unity in specific ways to which I can help contribute to this game, please let me know, I could help. I’m not looking for recognition in the development of this game and certainly not money or anything like that, I’m just bored and looking for something to do. Again, thanks a lot for your time and effort in developing this. I know I will be hitting up your Patreon very soon.

Ferdafs responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the game. Almost everything you've mentioned I've already considered and will add to the game. Thanks for your offer to help but the way the game is setup it would be impossible to have two people work at the same time. Anyway, hope you keep playing the game in the future. Stay awesome!

When will there be a November update?

Ferdafs responds:

Check out my blog!

I saw no dildo in the shop, there's no second message option with Patricia and I don't remember seeing anything like a unity route when I talk to Rick, I only get the option to work or to say nevermind.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2018
4:46 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click