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So, as usual, I'm back. again. again. For my yearly post, this time something much shorter but higher quality. Sorry, i've been busy getting a girlfriend, and a boyfriend, and a horse. They aren't mine, I just kidnap people and horses. Being on the run also makes it hard to do animation.

Now I know what you're thinking 'where the fuck has this guy been' or you're maybe thinking 'why am I reading this description when I'm really just trying to beat my dick like a Turkish wife' or maybe even 'damn his quality improved'?
Well, animation's hard. BUTT, I am going to try to post more. However, I want to focus less on big story-driven animations and more on small loops like this for whenever i have the free time to.

However, for those of you who want bigger more thought out animations, if you subscribe to my patreon, eventually i'll be able to spend more time at home crying myself into working harder on these projects, i'm currently finished with the animatic for a veeeeery long animation. Hell on my patreon you can even vote for what I do next, maybe even eventually a 'LEIGH 2', or even some collabs? *cough* Derpixon *cough*

Seriously though, I will try to do this more, the next loop is already in production. Come gimme some support and i'll make it worth your wait bby xoxox


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Well the animation is well, albeit the style is very simple. I am missing some moans or any indication that she's enjoying this.

Simple and nice, but perhaps too simple. The animation has improved for certain in comparison to LEIGH, but the duration and lack of different positions leave it wanting. It's like teasing someone with a possible orgasm moment only to blueball them at the last second. I'm not sure how u take to constructive criticism, but here are a few things that can be improved, besides what I've already stated.

1. Realistically, her hair would fall/tilt forward instead of staying at shoulder level. Gravity ought to have done so, at least based on the viewer's perspective.

2. Considering the amount of detail you put into her legs, genitals and even her back (Nice touch adding the bump indicating the spine) her face and arms were lacklustre. Makes it an odd mix when I stare at it and see a mix of two different qualities in one GIF.

3. A background that is anything other than plain colour would be recommended but not forced. I know the focus is supposed to be on the characters, but if you can spare the time, do try to add a little more detail. Establish a surrounding, similar to what you did in your Pull Over animation.

I apologise for being nitpicky, but when I see such promising work, I feel the need to push people further in improving their works. Heed my advice if you wish, ignore it if you feel that it doesn't apply nor hold its weight. But kudos to you, and good luck on your next project.

SuitedFox responds:

Fair, no i welcome criticism compared to complaints. Well i have an animation that i started a year ago but never finished so i will probably work on that again so that old stuff will come back. the only reason im doing the shorter animations is just something to tide over until i do something bigger. But to comment on what youve said:

1.Fair, i designed her head separately so makes sense.

2. Fair, I spent too long working on everything working at different times so it turned out that animating every limb was a ball ache, i might look into rigging characters so i can can spend less time on moving everything one by one.

3. For backgrounds, i may save doing them for animations, i just spend more time on making some sort of animation rather than doing a big piece.

However i will take what youve said into mind next time, i'm still going to continue doing these smaller animations until i do something bigger, but all the faults will be worked on, i think i might do something closer to my newest animation, where you have the options for different speeds and maybe an alternative angle? Still, thanks for commenting and liking

Simple and very nice the animation is smooth and the sound isn't bad either, also nice climax at the end.
You know this is pretty nice really rare to see someone come back after a while after not doing certain animations and still being good at it. Please keep up the good work to balance out the trash we've been getting lately here on NG's.

SuitedFox responds:

Thank you, you've basically complimented everything so I dunno what to say now apart from thanking you again!
Yeah, what I like is there's no commitment with this so if I want to do something I can at any point, I'm actually going to try to post more frequently. maybe not weekly or even monthly, but really just whenever I feel like it. But thank you again.

I love the animation and the art. I particularly like that it isn't anything over the top, just plain vanilla and two going at it!

If you made two or more animations in this style you could make a small game! (Similar to Derpixon's Bandit). That would be awesome!

I think 1 star is a little low but I want to see more!

SuitedFox responds:

Thanks, i figured if i made it short i could spend more time on making it look nicer, so glad you enjoy.

I will probably experiment in future and may do different types of animation stuff so stuff like that may be possible :p thank you though again.

I Love your art style, but there's no gameplay here.

SuitedFox responds:

that's probably cause it's not a game, but DAMN that makes it worth 1 star? Harsh.

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Jul 5, 2018
8:26 PM EDT