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Welcome to Apocalyptia!

Follow Mutt, a sleazy schemer, and Chopps, his loyal servant, as they venture through this perilous post apocalyptic planet in search for glorious riches! ... Namely: food, shelter, and above all, water.

This video is the version we premiered in Burbank at the Colony Theater in front of a 200 person audience! It combines the 'Overture" the Shorts and finally, the fifteen minute "Land of Water" movie.

Copyright ©2017-2018 Skel Studio™ Mutt and Chopps™ All rights reserved.

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I don't know what to say except I loved it! Great job guys, music, characters, art, story it was all fantastic.


You have Earned the Golden review award from me, since you outdid yourself here and you have Morphed something here from basic to exciting and fantastic, So lets get this one really started, this was an amazing "FILM" the "BACKROUNDS" are nice and I like the realistic effects, Now I would have loved some types of dialog to go with this but it is what it is, anyways nice job here.

Now I would have loved some types of dialog to go with this


AlmightyHans responds:

did you not watch the whole video? only the intro has no dialog.

An intro, a few shorts and a grand finale! I like how it builds up; leads you in to the story... though how it all ends in that particular place... kinda sad! Cynical. A sobering moment. A dystopia caught up with the comical main character cast. Well it might've been fun if it wasn't final. The End.

I was thinking the twist would be that it was the ocean btw, salt water, but then again maybe Mutt & Chopps wouldn't be entirely that clueless... always appreciate a twist I don't expect too.

The filming's great, the backgrounds hazy but realistic, the saturated colors and sand and everything float together easily, the soundtrack's subtle but atmospheric and the story's easy to follow. Voices are clear. Angles are creative. All in all it's a wholesome series, well-made in all areas and with a simple but fun premises with soo much potential in adventure. Was a pleasure to watch this all the way! And I wouldn't mind seeing more in the same vein.


AlmightyHans responds:

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Your review means a lot to us.
You could say the ending is optimistic or cynical, depending on how you look at it! ;)

I really enjoyed that. The ending of Land of Water in particular was stellar. I don't want to spoil the joke for anyone, so I'll just say I'm glad you didn't go with the same joke as you did with the swimming pool. I was expecting that kind of fake-out, and it made what you did instead so much funnier.

A surprise to see live action on Newgrounds, and it was a good surprise. Well, what could I say, a super well made movie.

The shorts were funny and witty, jokes with a quick punchline. The 15 minute movie had a great story which was very well writen. The character development is good, it manages to fit itself very nicely into the time it had, and it wall was without the need of introducing them. It has character with well defined personalities and they are presented along the story.

The music is of the style of hreat movie scores: it's catchy, creative, has a bit of a familiar feel still being quite original, marks the pace of the scenes and keeps you atracted to the movie.

Some pretty original directing here, the kinds you only see in indie movies or with great movie geniuses. The cam angles had a very theatrical feel to them some times, and others they felt really imersive, there were scenes in which these two types would interchange, and it was seamless. The theatrical ones gave a nice opening to see the full potential of the great acting in this production. The more imersive ones would make me feel very near it all, great tension building in them, and also they were great for getting every last drop of juice out of the climax.

But my favourite thing was the photography, specially in the Land Of Water part. Whoever was directing it in this movie was able to make the most out of the location, the characters search for water, and the big and bright sun with everything else just completely dry. The photography managed to catch the feeling of drought in a way I've only seen on some of the best western movies. It was so good that I actually felt kind of hot (and it's kind of cold here today) and also thirsty, so much that I actually paused it for a moment to get some water.

This movie is great, and I hope to see more adventures of Mutt And Chopps in the future!

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Jul 4, 2018
10:05 PM EDT
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