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You play as Blocel, you must collect the yellow key in each room to get past the exit. This game requires a lot of timing to get over obstacles and enemies. Use the left and right arrows to move and the "Z" key to jump, hold down "Z" to high jump.

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If you ask me, the figure moves a little bit too slow.
But otherwise, everything is fine.

Like everyone's saying, I think this is a great game potential-wise.
First off, the controls to me are a bit awkward. The jump isn't that smooth, and I personally think the movement speed is very slow.
Second, the music can really get to your head lol. It's a loop, which is fine, but this one is short and has this droning feeling to it.
Third, the collision is a bit off. For blocky games, usually "pixel perfect" collision is recommended; maybe the center's off?
Lastly, and this might be a bit nitpicky, but the shooting things seem like they shoot when the player gets close to it. However, the detection radius is not that clear, which does make the game a bit more confusing.
Overall, keep doing what you're doing! ;D

Fine I guess, but the character moves dreadfully slow :T

This game purely does have potential and a cute art design but the block's speed and enemy collision detector is a bit off thus making the game a bit too difficult for the average platform player...

This game has potential, but it is not my style at all. It is simply way too hard, and "a lot of timing" doesn't match the actual difficulty of the game. I could barely pass the tutorial, let alone the following levels! It would be nice if you were a bit faster and or the hitboxes were improved. It seems sharing a pixel with an enemy means death.

wclarke5646 responds:

I agree the game is way too hard, I updated this one so you do not always start at level1.

Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2018
8:30 PM EDT