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Larry the Looter

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Hi-d-ho gamerino's!!!

This is my take on the fictional Simpsons game 'Larry the Looter' featured in the episode "Radio Bart" of season 3.

Thanks so much for rating my games but, most importantly, for playing them!


x == punch
left and right arrow keys == walk
up arrow key == jump
z (hold) == pick up bin
z (release) == throw bin


NOTE: If you want to enlarge the game window, you can hold 'Ctrl' and press '+' or '-' on the keyboard. Works in Chrome browser, not sure of any other one.

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A decent game

So this was a decent game you have here I like the old style look here and makes it have a nostalgic look so the graphics are pretty good looking and the gameplay was pretty good a little hard at times, so I had no issues with this game it was actually very fun indeed.

no issues with this fun game


Awesome game. Difficult enough to enjoy without getting frustrated. There is a glitch in the first set of 3 pits one after another where the enemies can walk over them. The checkpoint was a nice addition as when I died after it, I almost wanted to quit until I realized I didn't have to start from the beginning again. Otherwise it was smooth and functioned perfectly for me.

this game is amazing, it's very well done and it's very similar to what they did in the series, I only have 2 suggestions, the first is that it would be great if they put the music that is presented in the series (the original music shown) and Also add another animation and an extra button one for x and another for and to make it look more realistic. I found a bug in which if you take the garbage to the first dog it gets bugged and stays still. I passed and I bring a mini-guide how to pass it: the game is divided into three areas, the main one, the world of tommy and daly and the poisonous gas, for the first use the garbage at the beginning and throw it with the first window for extra points, the cops are easy and just a hit to kill them, for the dogs wait for them to jump back a little and jump when they are on the ground, for the world of tommy and daly they can not beat unless you throw the garbage and I think the tommy can not jump because they are tall, use the first garbage to kill the second daly of the platform release the z button while jumping, under the roof before reaching the second tommy there is garbage use it and aniquilenlo later there will be another trash take it and dodge the subject with the gun jumping down and kill the tommy of later, in the gas forward what more they can and learn where things go.

Nice retro feel to it.

Took me a minute to figure out how to strart it, kept pressing enter, then I finally read your comments and pressed X. But you gotta think on other sites people won't have comments and may get confused.

GumpyFunction responds:

If you look on the left hand side of the console in game, you can see the controls written down. I tried to tell the player what buttons they needed to use without an overlayed button prompt but, I do admit its hard to notice potentially.

That is so great dog is hard to pass though lol

GumpyFunction responds:

Thanks! Yeah the dog gets people but once you figure out how to get past him it's easy. I wanted to make a pretty hard game. It's only 2 levels but can take a while due to it's difficulty.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2018
5:43 AM EDT