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Blue Bonnet Develops

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The team is in jail awaiting execution. Can they escape in time?

My second game in RPG-Maker MV. Game length is about 4 hours now (First 2 levels: Prison and Cave are free, 3rd and 4th Levels for Patrons only until December or so.

*** NEW passwords every Month! go to https://www.patreon.com/SlingBang to get them ***

Walk-Through: https://slingbang.newgrounds.com/news/post/1016201

*** I'd recommend saving your game regularly and ALWAYS before going to see Emilie or any sex event for 2 reasons.
1: so you can replay the sex events with preloaded graphics (looks better)
2: RPG-Maker MV sometimes causes unrepeatable weird error glitches impossible to fix... FOR EXAMPLE: ...something 'width of null'... error when doing a handjob-cumshot. I've included a work-around for it. Type: e-won1 into the password box (at the save location) to skip the cumshot selection.

This game has 4 tiers of content. Buy access to tiers 2,3,4 on
Patreon: www.patreon.com/SlingBang

Tier 1: Free. All sex scenes but cannot remove clothing in first level only. ALL April-May scenes are free and second level too now.

Tier 2: $1. Beggar-Camp and Ocean Unlocked. Remove clothing. Two free clothing items. No Darmius. Downloadable version.

Tier 3: $3. Three clothing items. Darmius has 2 sex events. Free Jewelry in Cave and better Treasure chest results. 10% discount from Merchants.

Tier 4: $5. Four clothing items. 5-man Gangbang. Cum on Belly unlocked. 24% discount from Merchant. Can choose sex acts in Cave, Forest and Ocean.

v.0.5: Alpha Release with some bug-fixes
v.0.6: Major re-write: You can skip the Emilie Sex Events except the first one because it has plot in it.
v.0.8: Gameplay has doubled in size. Cave has ratmen gangbangs and 10 new clothing items to find/buy.
v.0.9: Beggar-Camp and Forest with Lizardmen for Patrons.
v.1.0: Ocean voyage is finished. Octopus sex for Patrons.

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Can't get pass going through the caves because my touch doesn't work

SlingBang responds:

Yeah, I've given up trying to figure out the causes of RPG_Maker errors.

I keep getting an error
"Uncaught TypeError : Cannot read property "width" of null

SlingBang responds:

Yerp... That kind of unfixable nonsense is why I stopped making games in RPG Maker. If it is happening in the prison, during Emilie's handjob scene, try this:
Type: e-won1 into the password box (at the save location) to skip the cumshot selection. The rest of the game should work fine

Wow! Now THIS is what the whole world has been waiting for!

What made it worth coming back to NG for!

Slingbang and Blue Bonnet Begins is what made me join NG back in the day.

SlingBang responds:

Nice to hear from you again Jaxxs! I must say I still don't quite understand why so many people liked BBB so much. Maybe it's the great art?

cant wait for more straight awsome bro

SlingBang responds:

Glad to hear you liked it... and, if your moniker imparts preference, you should enjoy the next chapter!

so.... maybe its my laptop, but for me the game doesnt load quick enough to make it past the guard, so i'll just stick with the Emilie scenes

SlingBang responds:

Yeah, Others have had this problem too.

OK, I changed the story so that April-May joins your team after you get caught by the guards once. Now you get past the guards by AM giving handjobs, so no more running around.

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2.29 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2018
6:15 PM EDT