Quidget the Wonderwiener 2.0 (ALPHA - v.0.2.0)

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You're a dog. A genius wonder wiener dog!
Do some science with your fellow Science Ninja girls!

Will you 'Measure with Pleasure' with Beatrize? Or supervise totally scientific 'woman-machine-interactions' with Bolty?

SEXtend your pleasure at https://www.patreon.com/peninja !
Double the lewdness!

>>>> Check out the NEWEST Quidget version:

>>>> How can a small pig get all the girls? Find out:

WASD to walk around, E to interact, Q to access the menu.

Quidget the Wonderwiener 2.0 is in Alpha stage. Follow us for lewd news and juicy updates.
If you get stuck, fetch some lube or check out the walkthrough: https://bit.ly/2tFOvDA

Power up your sexy brain and stay funky!
Your Team Tailnut devs Dezue & OniGiri

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Just an annoying timewaster of a cocktease. Don't give me the option if I can't do it. Jeez. Adult rating but no nudity. Fantastic.

TeamTailnut responds:

Check out the newest version for more adult content and probably even more cockteasing :P

Stay funky,

great game

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho man! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)
Stay funky,

This game is fucking awesome. Chucked a couple of bucks to your Patreon as thanks!! :D

Man, been way too slow to review this one.
Gonna finally do it however xP

Title screen is really solid. Very established style.
Layout and all is just great.
The story is completely stupid, and I love it xP Music is nice. The "talking blurb" noise is a little "eh", but it works.

Found the dialogue a bit more odd than the last game. And not in the good way. The whole "senpai" felt a bit out of place. But, tone shift. Gonna see how it plays with the rest.
Solid innuendos however xP Controls and graphics are good as well.

I see it jumps straight into hyper dongs hehe.
The puzzles are fun enough, nice callbacks to the "good old days" of adventure games xP
Most of the fluff dialogue is fun too. Especially the "being overly specific" ones xP
Some puzzles feel a bit "why did this item vanish?" but most can be figured out. And for those that can't: there's the walkthroughs. I haven't found any "goat logic" puzzles yet, so that is nice xP

One part I found a bit dumb was that if you didn't cut all cables, they magically mended themselves. I can get it gameplay wise, but it was a bit "eh".
Music has surprisingly managed to stay good without getting grating as well.
Also neat how you can play slightly different takes on Quidget.

Slightly raised a brow at the finger-mouthing, but it works I guess? xP
And: Seeing how you put the black tube on handy, shouldn't it show in the cutscene?
And while it's not a hyper pussy to match, it is perfectly serviceable. (And considering she's not a Promethean, that would make sense xP) Has a bit of the "black hole vag" syndrome, but works with the style.

The handjob sequence was done well. Juggles porn tropes and subversion of expectation pretty balanced.
I almost expected handy to jerk her off tbh xD But it was a nice rubbing.
Text blurb in game sounds better than in the intro btw, forgot to mention that.
Bit curious if you managed to keep the ball rolling from Pigglet in terms of anatomy. But guess I'll find that out later. I am sooo behind on reviewing shit xD
It is def near the top of my list if I ever manage to catch up though. These have been good so far.

The color jokes were funny btw :P
Bit sluggish to reply as text mashing isn't the smoothest. But its not terrible.
Overall great build. Granted: It was months ago I checked in last, so my memory is kinda rusty. But, from the top of my head at least, the sextended version should be well worth it.
Aside from a little budget cumshot, the standard version delivers a nice variety of content. So seems like the "deluxe" version should simply bring more, and a bit better content extra. (Instead of the rather common: Slapdash, censored variant many run with. (heck, even seen that in paid versions. Just cuz they had a deluxe, paid version xP)

But yeah, coming along nicely all I can see. Always nice to see that some people bother to give female characters a sex drive. Even if it is the rare exception.

Hi thanks for the walkthrough but am stuck trying to unscrew the lamp, does not give me an option to unscrew. Additionally I can't deposit anything onto the table, which is also wrong. This game is more fun than your previous, but the elaborate methods required to complete the game are either glitchy or obtuse.

Finally, how do you peek on Bolty in the shower? Is this undeveloped and you left us hanging or is there a way to look. I would have thought the keys opening the door would have been good enough.

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, man!
These two walkthroughs might help you in your quest!



Have fun and stay funky,