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There's something wrong when you have to take out a loan for a chicken cutlet. illwillpress.com
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It's so true. People have gotten so used to eating whatever they're told (trash) that they don't even realize how great it is to be satisfied by food anymore. I've been eating healthy for about three months and food is actually enjoyable now, because I don't eat whatever chemically-enhanced flavorings come with a slimey excuse for a burger at McDonalds. Real food tastes better and makes you feel better. That's why I'm POOR.

I eat tons of organic garbage. What's my secret? I work at an organic farm, and we all agree, the stuff we grow would be totally unaffordable if we didn't get it for free!
$8 for a pound of lettuce? $5 for a pound of carrots! Whodafuq thinks that is reasonable?

Not sure how much good "organic" does, I have found that making food out of meat and vegetables found in normal stores can easily produce filling meals that are fairly healthy. Eating healthy is much less expensive if you are willing to cook.

I also come away from fast food joints with my hunger sated for the day (I can't eat a whole foot-long sub), unless what I ordered was just too small to count as a proper meal, but I don't go to fast food joints more than a few times a year, so.

I agreed everything about healthy foods being expensive and such. I personally just get some fruits from shop here and they're quite cheap and then buy some minced meat from the butcher shop right next to me which is ALSO really cheap. I also buy supplements like vitamin and minerals to keep my body functioning normally and also some brain food like lion's mane mushroom. But I really enjoyed this! This animation just made this hilarious and going straight into the action with no stalling! Great job!

You spoke my mind Foamy!
Don't eat the cupcakes!!!

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Jun 28, 2018
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