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Howdy. This is my entry for the bad dream jam. It was admittedly quite last minute, but I hope you enjoy!

Also first thing I've posted in a long time.

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Very nice work here

This is like a Golden ticket and a Grand entrance into this movie, So here this one jumps out at you with some style and unique style, and sometimes we find something different in the portal and thats what I found here today. This film Suited me just fine now onto more of it. I like the black and white style here its really good and a good bad dream scene.

You should ad small tid bits of color here and there.


So via that other door he'd just run into the window hmm... truly a grievous ending! With how random it all started I wasn't thinking it could take such a serious twist, but I like the creative take on the jam idea. A dream gone bad, rather than just a bad dream. The pace is great, the animation fluent, the style both suitable and creatively interesting. Not so long, but feels thorough.


CyanSandwich responds:

Thanks! I wanted to make it longer (time restraints (my own fault)), but I'm glad you found it thorough.