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Lead your Civilization to success and glory in this cheap CIV knockoff.

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Interesting game, pretty much replicates the feeling of macro decisions in Civilization with micro decisions like combat, having multiple cities and actual map cut. This is like playing with one city only. I actually preferred this small game over the huge management of too many cities in real civilization game, but I did miss the combat and having some map where one could see the territory controlled. In this game you just win over time if you produce more military then your enemy, no tactics involved just macro funding of army.

I believe mountain start is the best, because large amounts of gold allows you to purchase almost everything you could lack and allows you to speed things up. The civilization bonuses are too small and largely insignificant so any can win, one can choose whichever one favors best, but sadly the flavor gets lost past early ancient times because not only do they visually look the same, also upgrade effects overscale civilization bonus effects and they all play the same.

1st playng: at 150 round 600bil gold, 5,6bil population, 4kk army and 651314 points :)
2nd play: reached future in 1850, 85kk points, 75bil populatipon
p.s. 2010 another pokemon game was released, 163k ppl die

Wow the game is good!

I... don't think I played it as you wanted me to...

I just kinda spammed buying food and exponentially grew my population. And since Pop. -> money, it just went up and up. by the end of the middle ages I had like 20 million population. The only thing that slowed me down was the technology, but that barrier was quickly destroyed during the modern days by an overwhelming amount of money. I basically had an invincible army throughout as well.

Oh, and this was my first time playing, so I guess I made a few lucky choices. Nice game.

A skip button (activated in case you've bought all buildings/technologies/wonders and destroyed all enemies) would help.