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This is an endless arcade fighting game where you fight some "Knights" in a modern setting, with guns and for no reason at all... ENJOY!

NOTE : This game's size is 31 MB, so if it seems like it "Froze", it's not. it's just loading "Heavier resources."

UPDATE : Thanks for the Frontpage and thank you guys for the support!

UPDATE 2 : THIS GAME ACTUALLY GOT DAILY 4TH PLACE AM I ACTUALLY DREAMING?! Thank you guys so much, this means the world to me!
how this game works :
Enemy knights come from the right side of the screen, they (Obviously) will try to kill you, either by charging in and attacking you or throwing their weapons at you. you're given a sword and armor which you can use to defend yourself.

If you kill "enough" enemies you can get a "Prize weapon" by pressing [SPACE]

Notes :
- Firing the bazooka will make it fly out of your hands.
- Be careful when throwing weapons, unless you want to end up bare handed.
- Throwing weapons at enemies hurts them.
- Ammo is very useful, so use it carefully.
controls :
[A-D] == Move Left/Right.
[J] == Attack/Fire.
[K] == Throw weapon.
[L] == Pick up weapon. (Sword and armor)
[P] == Pause the game.
[SPACE] == Take prize weapon.
useless info :
This game was made in Game Maker Studio, it took me about two weeks to finish programming it and i've surprisingly finished it in much less time than i thought it would take.

Also, i made this game because i felt like making something simple instead of always working on "Bigger projects" and because i wanted to post some game online for this year since i haven't done that yet.
support the musician :
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SroSocial
SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o
Bandcamp : https://sromuchsound.bandcamp.com/

* Summer Again : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/summer-again
* Rippled Streets : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/rippled-streets
* Vision Muic : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/vision-music-1
* Sunken Streets : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/sunken-streets
support the programmer:
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ghoulers777
DeviantArt : https://ghoulers777.deviantart.com/

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very addictive. i think you should make a score board for this type of game other then that i think this is very good.

GHXULERS responds:

I would, but i don't know how to do this. also, thanks! glad you enjoyed the game.

I wish I could have man tiddies

GHXULERS responds:

I wish i had a weeaboo gf

pretty amusing for no reason at all

GHXULERS responds:

Thanks, lol.

Very intense and quite the battle experience. The music is very damn sound as well.

You going to add any achievements/updates in the future?

GHXULERS responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game and the music!
Also, not really since i don't have time for that and i'll most likely be working on other projects in the near future.

It's a really well done retro arcade styled game. I've blasted several minutes into this because it's really addicting. I like the struggle when you run out of ammo and you have to find a sword again. Some things that can be improved upon are maybe the hitboxes and hurtboxes. Those need a bit of fixing. But other than that, Good job!

Highscore: 20585 (beat that plebs)

GHXULERS responds:

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game! (And the struggles of playing it :P)
Amazing highscore btw!

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3.33 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2018
3:06 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler