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April 10, 2019
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This is an endless arcade fighting game where you fight some "Knights" in a modern setting, with guns and for no reason at all... ENJOY!

NOTE : This game's size is 31 MB, so if it seems like it "Froze", it's not. it's just loading "Heavier resources."

UPDATE : Thanks for the Frontpage and thank you guys for the support!

UPDATE 2 : THIS GAME ACTUALLY GOT DAILY 4TH PLACE AM I ACTUALLY DREAMING?! Thank you guys so much, this means the world to me!
how this game works :
Enemy knights come from the right side of the screen, they (Obviously) will try to kill you, either by charging in and attacking you or throwing their weapons at you. you're given a sword and armor which you can use to defend yourself.

If you kill "enough" enemies you can get a "Prize weapon" by pressing [SPACE]

Notes :
- Firing the bazooka will make it fly out of your hands.
- Be careful when throwing weapons, unless you want to end up bare handed.
- Throwing weapons at enemies hurts them.
- Ammo is very useful, so use it carefully.
controls :
[A-D] == Move Left/Right.
[J] == Attack/Fire.
[K] == Throw weapon.
[L] == Pick up weapon. (Sword and armor)
[P] == Pause the game.
[SPACE] == Take prize weapon.
useless info :
This game was made in Game Maker Studio, it took me about two weeks to finish programming it and i've surprisingly finished it in much less time than i thought it would take.

Also, i made this game because i felt like making something simple instead of always working on "Bigger projects" and because i wanted to post some game online for this year since i haven't done that yet.
support the musician :
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SroSocial
SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o
Bandcamp : https://sromuchsound.bandcamp.com/

* Summer Again : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/summer-again
* Rippled Streets : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/rippled-streets
* Vision Muic : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/vision-music-1
* Sunken Streets : https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o/sunken-streets
support the programmer:
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ghoulers777
DeviantArt : https://ghoulers777.deviantart.com/


very addictive. i think you should make a score board for this type of game other then that i think this is very good.

<deleted> responds:

I would, but i don't know how to do this. also, thanks! glad you enjoyed the game.

I wish I could have man tiddies

<deleted> responds:

I wish i had a weeaboo gf

pretty amusing for no reason at all

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, lol.

Very intense and quite the battle experience. The music is very damn sound as well.

You going to add any achievements/updates in the future?

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game and the music!
Also, not really since i don't have time for that and i'll most likely be working on other projects in the near future.

It's a really well done retro arcade styled game. I've blasted several minutes into this because it's really addicting. I like the struggle when you run out of ammo and you have to find a sword again. Some things that can be improved upon are maybe the hitboxes and hurtboxes. Those need a bit of fixing. But other than that, Good job!

Highscore: 20585 (beat that plebs)

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game! (And the struggles of playing it :P)
Amazing highscore btw!

Fucking hell man. This game just pulls me in. I wasted 30 minutes playing. 10/10 for gameplay and music.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game and the music!

I got a score of 24635. No kidding.

<deleted> responds:


Wow intense

I really love these types of game submissions, while thy dont get the recognition they deserve, but they are interesing and unique in there own way and do deserve some extra points, now thats ofcourse if you put in the effort, but as for this one, I found it to be pretty Spectacular, and had some interesting points but could be better in some ways. really intense game here and while it was a big download it was a great entry.

The size didnt bother me but maybe there is a way to make it run faster at times.


<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed the game even though it's pretty intense!
As for making it run faster, i kinda wanted to optimize the code a little bit, but i thought "It ran fine for the most part so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Cool concept, it reminds me of Ubermosh in that it is a nonstop battle without getting slogged down in any sort of unnecessary story.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! i've played that game btw, it was amazing.

Needs some kind of defensive ability so you can actually get more than 30 seconds into the game. Enemies constantly hit you with no way to avoid them.

<deleted> responds:

Don't get too close to them when you want to hit them and you'll be fine for at least more than 30 seconds.

Really like the graphics and atmosphere here! The shake and blinking effects and the music are just brilliant!

Although, the gameplay is a bit too simplistic... let me explain. There's not much technique to the combat, forcing you to just button mash. This is really off putting, because it could be a lot more on this department. I know that this is a small project, but you should probably work on it a bit more in the near future. It has potential.

<deleted> responds:


I understand what you mean. i didn't put too much thought into fighting off enemies and i thought "Hitting, backing off and throwing and even shooting would be enough for this game," but i'll definitely think more about this next time. again, thanks for the review!

Decent little fighting game. I like the graphics and atmosphere but I wish there was more to the gameplay. It's pretty simple and holds up well for what it is, it just seems lacking as a full-fledged game. Regardless it is definitely a fun play. Just doesn't have a whole lot of replay value and honestly didn't keep my attention for that long. Definitely would like to see this type of atmosphere in a more complex game environment. Overall fun play.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game! and i understand where you're coming from. i kind of wanted to add more to this game but i thought i'd be "overdoing it" if i did, but i'll definitely do that next time!

The art/music and mood are all great but the gameplay is not. I would suggest some defense/ dodge button! :)

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! and i agree, some sort of dodge/block button would have been a good feature in this game considering how many people thought it was hard. :V

Nice music and art. Might have come up with a more original title though .

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! as for the title, i couldn't really come up with anything interesting that would fit this game so i just went with the first thing that popped into my head. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also i just noticed you have a game with the same name, lol.

Great concept and game, played well and was enjoyable to mow down those other knights. Here's some feedback for next time:
The knights kind of just appeared on the right side of the screen, how did they get there? maybe have them fade in or come from the right side.
My knight looks like the other ones, it's easy to get lost among the other knights.

Other than that, great job and keep it up buddy!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!
Also, i completely agree with your feedback, i'll keep it in mind for next time.

I very much enjoyed the game. I love the soundtrack and the vaporwave/retro vibe I get from it. However, the inability to get past the bazooka was a little disappointing. I very much enjoyed the game though and it has a fun concept.

<deleted> responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game, thanks a lot!
Also, if you mean you died after firing the bazooka, i suggest not firing it until you make sure you can find a sword to fight with. also fire it on groups of enemies, that'll help you get another prize faster.

Man that inevitable death comes quickly here. XD Wonder if there's some strategy required after all huh... fun little game, though feels difficult to get anywhere, and I'm not sure the shield really has a benefit? Or does it guard against particular weapons? Guard whenever you don't attack, maybe...? (Haven't tried that yet.) I like the graphics, simplicity and challenge of it all, though incentive... seems kinda lacking. :) Even in an eternal game some external rewards might be nice *hint*medals*hint*. Overall good stuff though! This turned out alright.


<deleted> responds:

This is what i was going for with this game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also, the only strategy is staying away from your enemies and not getting too close, i've programmed them so that they need to get really close before hitting you, but you don't have to be as close to hit them back. also, the shield doesn't do anything. you can however, throw it at your enemies to hurt them and sometimes kill them.

Glad you enjoyed it, and yeah, i wanted to add more stuff to it, but i thought i'd just end up turning this into a very complex and time taking project and eventually never finish it so i decided to not add too many things to it.

I wanted to add those, but i couldn't find a way to get the NG API to work for Game Maker. also, thanks for the review!

Great job! It's been a while since I've played a game on here, and I really enjoy this one! Also got a terrific soundtrack by my boi Sro! I'll be sure to look out for your next one. :)

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game!


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3.34 / 5.00