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animating Halina

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I have an OBS studio in my PC and it's been sitting there for a while. I decided to make use it so here it is. I'm sorry if the interface in flash is missing. I'm new to the program and I mistakenly used capture window instead of capture display. next time, i will do the latter.

anyway if you like this kind of content, let me know. I'm also considering to make tutorial videos depending if significant number of people requests it.

for more Halina, visit https://www.patreon.com/pinoytoons

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Masterful and definitely would bang her.

Your animations are always so amazing, it was great seeing a process vid :3

Love to see the outcome of this. Of course I am assuming this is just one of the positions to be done on Halina, right?

Dakzky responds:


nice idea

this is really cool, but it is 30 minutes. Maybe you could have sped it up a little? You could even make the speed fluctuate the way you want it so it will highlight certain things that you do. I may be the only one here with this problem, but I often don't have thirty minutes to spare.

Dakzky responds:

i actually thought of that. but i figured it's best to have it on normal speed so you guys will see what is actually going on. i did'nt edit it to highlight things because i'm not really explaining what i'm doing.